Greetings from the ICON team!

This post is to give you additional information regarding the KYC process and give you answers to frequently asked questions.

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1. ID Editing Policy

Allow usage of Photoshop or other computer programs to hide the unique identification number

  • Before: Modification with Photoshop or other computer programs NOT ALLOWED
  • After: Modification with Photoshop, Paint, and other computer programs ALLOWED

※ In principle, we have requested to cover the unique identification number using paper, “Post-it”, or finger in order to prevent the risk of counterfeit/alteration. However, to reflect the suggestion from the contributors, we have decided that simply erasing the unique identification number with Photoshop or other computer programs will not have a great influence on the validity of the original ID. We will always do our best to accommodate the opinions of ICON contributors within our principles.

2. KYC Submission

We will contact you individually via email every Friday for information on whether KYC is accepted. We will also send an email every Friday for those who need to re-submit their materials or need a supplement.

The ICON team is taking a sufficient time of three weeks to fully support the participants’ KYC procedures and is reviewing all email inquiries. We would appreciate your understanding that it is difficult to respond promptly due to the large volume of submission.

If you have questions about KYC, please send it to ([email protected]) and we will answer to them as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated on key inquiries received during the KYC period through additional posts. We will try to do our best to communicate and help you through the KYC process.