Hi, this is the ICON team.

This post is to give you additional information regarding the KYC process and give you answers to frequently asked questions.

[Additional KYC information]

1. KYC schedule

We will be posting an additional post on 23.OCT with more detailed instructions and step-by-step manuals.

2. ID policy*

We are now accepting “Driver’s licence” as a valid ID. However only driver’s licences that can validate your nationality may be accepted.

  • Please refer to the FAQ below for more details.


Q. What is the reason that you have changed your policy to accept driver’s licences?

A. In some countries, the driver’s license does not show any information about the nationality of the license holder. In this case, there is no way to verify the nationality and we may request to upload a different ID. To avoid confusion, we have excluded driver’s license as a valid ID.

However there has been more than expected cases of contributors needing to apply for a passport for the KYC process because there was no alternative ID that could be used in their country if we do not accept driver’s licenses. To avoid contributors’ spending time and money to issue a passport for the KYC process, we have decided to accept driver’s licences as a valid ID.

Please be noted that this does not mean that we will accept all kinds of driver’s license. ONLY driver’s license with information about nationality information* can be accepted.

*Meaning of information about nationality

Must include information about the issuing organization’s country/state so that we can check the nationality.

Q. Why do we have to hide the unique identification number?

A. Unique identification numbers such as passport number is not required for the KYC process. To protect the contributors sensitive personal information we are not collecting any information that is not essential for the KYC process. We are aware of the inconvenience rising from the process of hiding unique identification numbers, but ask for your kind understanding as it is a way to protect your valuable information

Q. Why do I have to submit a photo holding my ID?

A. It is to check if you are really the valid ID holder through comparing the picture of yourself and the picture in the ID.

Q. Can we use expired ID’s?

A. Expired ID’s do not have any legal force. They cannot be accepted as a valid ID

Q. What happens if I am disqualified in the KYC process?

A. We will be sending an e-mail to each individual with the details and give guidance for the additional information needed.

Q. Could you clarify the ID’s that are allowed to be submitted?

A. The ID’s allowed for the KYC are as the following

  • Passport
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Driving License

  • Facebook Profile
  • Student Card
  • Identification Card without Photo
  • Credit Card
  • Club Membership Card
  • etc