ICON will present at the Santa Clara Blockchain Expo on Nov 29–30, 2017. The Blockchain Expo is one of the largest conferences in the emerging Blockchain space. The ICON team will setup a booth for general information and ICON Foundation Council Member Min Kim prepared a special presentation.

The Blockchain Expo will host over 3,000 blockchain enthusiasts. There will be top-level keynotes, panel discussions, case-studies focused on learning emergent Blockchain technology. In particular, there will be a focused on industries that are set to be disrupted by the Blockchain Revolution: finance, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, and real estate sector.

Notably there will be various top-level speakers and attendees at the conference. Key speakers include: Hyperledger, Waves, R3, Wells Fargo, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, AIG, General Electric, and Nasdaq. Key attendees include: Mastercard, J.P. Morgan, HP Enterprise, Citibank, Intel, IBM, and HSBC.

Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member, will serve as the key speaker for ICON. Min Kim majored business at UC Berkeley, worked Deutsche Bank’s technology department, acted as Tapas Media’ COO, and currently serves as the CGO of DAYLI Intelligence.

Min Kim will be giving a special presentation on the successful ICON Token Sale that raised 150,000 ETH within 6 hours, a general introduction of the interconnecting blockchain ICON, overview of the Universal Blockchain Certificate CHAIN ID, and an outline of the various ICON partnerships (Hospitals, Universities, Insurance, and etc).

Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council MemberThe ICON team will also be hosting a surprise event at the booth. So feel free to drop by the ICON booth at the Expo.

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