This post clarifies the ICX distribution timeline for the ICON “Support Program”. The ICON team ran various Support Programs to promote the ICON Token Sale. The ICON Support Program distributed ICX for events, promotion, and community management.

The ICON team has a full record of all the Support Program activities and is constantly being tallied to incorporate new efforts.

ICON Supporters will receive their ICX when the ICX Mainnet(Q4) is opened. ICON Supporters will NOT get ICX ERC20 tokens.

Supporters will get an individual email when the Mainnet is opened and they can collect their rewarded ICX.

The ICON Support Program is divided into 5 main categories:

  • Meetup Business Card Event: ICON held two meetup events prior to the Token Sale. The ICON team collected business cards and chose a 13 lucky business cards. The selected business card owners were awarded ICX.
  • [LIVE] Lottery Draw Event: To reward active participation in the ICON chat rooms, the ICON team randomly selected chat room participants LIVE on Facebook.
  • Community Reward: The ICON team created a separate Community Reward to give ICON supporters who showed exceptional effort. For example users who shared on Crypto Facebook Groups or created separate ICON Telegram Groups.
  • Community Managers Wage: ICON is organizing a Community Manager program. ICON Community Managers will be responsible for managing a specific ICON channel and in the future will organize local Meetups.
  • Bounty Program: ICON created a bounty program where users who promoted the ICON Token Sale were awarded ICX.

** ICON Supporters must use the SAME email they used for supporting ICON. If supporters use a different email for the website, supporters will not see their ICX in their respective ICON ICX wallet.*

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