The ICON team prioritizes transparency. The blockchain industry itself is about open-source code and decentralized ownership. The purpose of this post to clarify the distribution of Tokens during the ICON Token Sale.

The overall Token Sale is divided into two parts the “Pre-Sale” and the main “Token Sale”. Both the Pre-Sale and the Token Sale share the same pool of Tokens. The total Token distribution is 150,000 ETH.

The entirety of 150,000 ETH is not available during the Token Sale. 75,000 ETH is distributed to “Strategic Contributors” and 75,000 ETH is distributed to “General Contributors”.

Strategic Contributors are contributors who are established blockchain influencers, ICON evangelists, and local ICON meetup organizers. General Contributors are users interested in ICON’s hyperconnective world view.

  • Total Token Sale: 150,000 ETH
  • Strategic Contributors: 75,000 ETH
  • General Contributors: 75,000 ETH

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