Thank you for your interest in the ICON Project. This post will explain the background regarding the implementation of KYC(Know-Your-Customer) and the detailed KYC procedures.

ICON has implemented KYC in order to follow rapidly changing international regulations. By implementing KYC, the ICON project and participants will be protected from legal risks and provide a more stable development environment for the foundation, list ICX on cryptocurrency exchanges, and better enable community connections.

You MUST follow the KYC process to unlock your Pre-Sale ICX Tokens. The ICX Token refund process will begin, if you do NOT follow the KYC process or your KYC application is disqualified.

The ICON team will send out weekly KYC confirmation emails every Friday. Contributors who properly submitted KYC applications will get a “Confirmation” email. Contributors who have incorrectly submitted KYC applications will get a “Resubmission” email.

Just because a KYC form is submitted properly does not mean the contributor has passed the KYC process. The final KYC qualification/disqualification will be announced after the AML process is concluded in November.

KYC+AML Process:

  1. Login to ICON website (
  2. Find the KYC Application Form(KYC button will show in the homepage on Oct 23, 2017 13:00 KST/UTC+9)
  3. Input necessary personal data (Passport, First Name, Gender, etc.)
  4. KYC Application Process (3 weeks): 
    - Weekly Friday Confirmation: The ICON team will review all KYC submissions until Thursday 12:00PM (KST/UTC+9) and send confirmation/resubmission emails on Friday.
  • Qualified: If your KYC information is correctly submitted you will get a confirmation email and your information will proceed to the AML verification process.
  • Resubmit: If you submitted incorrect information, the ICON team will request you to resubmit correct INFORMATION, a notice will be sent to your email registered on the ICON website with the additional information needed.
  1. AML Verification Process (2 weeks): 
    - Final Result: the final KYC qualification/disqualification will be announced in bulk after the AML process is concluded in November. 
  • Qualified: If your KYC+AML submission is QUALIFIED, a KYC qualification email will be sent.
    - Disqualified: If your KYC process is DISQUALIFIED, then the ICX Token refund process will begin. A KYC Disqualification Notice will be sent to your email registered on the ICON website by the end of the KYC period.

*Please, contact ‘[email protected]’ for any inquiries on the regarding.

KYC Form Location:

Complete KYC application form on the ICON website. Sign in to the ICON website to find the KYC application form. The KYC application will appear On Oct 23, 2017 (13:00 KST/UTC+9).

KYC Submission Schedule:

The KYC application form will be available for submission for 3 weeks. Please complete steps below within the Submission Period.

  • Start Date: Oct 23, 2017 (13:00 KST/UTC+9)
  • End Date: Nov 13, 2017 (13:00 KST/UTC+9)

AML Check Schedule:

The AML filtering will take additional 2 weeks after KYC Submission Period to be fully processed.

  • Start Date: Nov 13, 2017
  • End Date: Nov 24, 2017

Acceptable form of Identification (Must Include Photo):

  • Passport
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Driving License

Non-Acceptable form of Identification:

  • Facebook Profile
  • Student Card
  • Identification Card without Photo
  • Credit Card
  • Club Membership Card
  • etc

Hide Unique ID Number:

You MUST HIDE your unique identification number on your Government-Issued Photo ID when submitting the photos. Else the form will be returned and the KYC process will remain incomplete.

  • Please manually hide the unique identification number (e.g. using Post-it notes, using your finger, using masking tape, etc)
  • Photoshopped or Paint editing is also permitted (Updated)

KYC Submission Disqualification Factors:

The ICON team will send out emails to contributors who have not submitted their KYC information or submitted incorrect information.

  • Inputs incorrect information
  • Uploads incorrect or unidentifiable identification photo
  • If the contributor is identified as USA, China, or Singapore nationality, the contributor’s Token Sale participation will be canceled. The distributed ICX Token needs to be refunded.

Process for Disqualified KYC/AML Applicants:

  • Start refund process for disqualified KYC/AML applicants.
  • The refund process for ETH contributions will begin.
  • The contributor’s ICX Token will be locked up until the refund process is completed.

Additional Notes:

Please refer to this blog post for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


The ICON team does not ask for a FEE for the KYC process. Please beware of phishing attempts that ask for ETH.

Submission of Incorrect Personal Information:

The ICON team does not store incorrectly sent personal information. Any personal information sent to the ICON team via messenger, social networks, or email will be deleted upon reception. The ICON team will not reply to the sender and will simply delete personal information sent through incorrect channels. Please only submit personal information through the proper KYC channel on the ICON website.

Expired Identification Information:

Expired identification documents are NOT valid forms of personal information. If your passport or government-issued photo ID is expired your KYC will not be processed. Please submit non-expired personal information during the KYC process.

Key Terms:

“ICX Token” is a tradable form of ERC20 Tokens, not the Mainnet ICX.

  • ICX Token: ERC20 ICX Tokens
  • ICX: ICX Mainnet

Contact Email:

Please send any KYC related queries to ([email protected]).