The ICON KYC process is currently in progress. If you do not submit your KYC application or complete the KYC process, the refund process will initiate.

[KYC Document Submission Guide]

1. KYC Reception Period

  • Start date: October 23, 2013 (13:00 KST/UTC+9)

  • End date: November 13, 2017 (13:00 KST/UTC+9)

2. Reception

- FAQ (1st):

- FAQ (2nd):

※ Please review the detailed KYC guides and FAQs on the ICON blog in order to quickly progress through the KYC process.

[Process for those who did NOT submit the KYC application]

1. Continuous announcements will be made for contributors who have not submitted their KYC application

  • If the KYC application has not been submitted, then the refund process will be begin, after the KYC process is concluded.

2. Confirmation notice to contributors who have not submitted their KYC application (after the KYC acceptance period is over)

  • The ICON team will send a final notification e-mail after the KYC submission period is over in order to ensure there are no missing KYC applicants

  • If the final notification email is not replied, then the ICON team will determine that the participant has no intention to complete the KYC process and will be excluded from the final KYC list.

※ The ICON team will be contacting KYC applicants individually in the case of a submission system error. The ICON team will do its utmost to ensure that no KYC application is overlooked.

3. The ETH refund process will begin for ICON participants that have been listed in the final NON-KYC applicant list.

  • The refund process will start after the KYC + AML process has concluded near the end of November.

  • Details regarding the refund process will be announced at a later date.

Please note that “KYC Information Not Submitted” means that the participant did not submit ANY KYC information.

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