Thank you for your interest in the ICON project. This post is intended to update you on the KYC progress.

First of all, the ICON team would like to apologize for the delay in email responses. The ICON team is receiving a massive amount of inquiries in a short time span, therefore the response is being delayed.

Our ICON team is fully focused on answering every email and will work towards quickening our response time.

In particular, the ICON team would like to apologize and ask for understanding of those who have not yet received an answer to their questions. The ICON team would like to answer the most frequently asked questions.

1. Questions Regarding Your KYC Application Status

The most commonly asked question is whether your KYC application was properly submitted. While the ICON team is reviewing each request as fast as possible, due to the overwhelming request for verifications, we would like to apologize that we cannot give immediate responses.

The ICON team ensures that each and every KYC application will be carefully reviewed, so please do not worry about your application not being reviewed. The ICON team will continuously send out email notifications and double check our KYC application list after the KYC registration period is over so that no one is missed out.

2. Did Not Receive Any Emails

Sometimes the ICON KYC email is automatically filtered into different folders. Please check your “Spam” box, “Promotion” tab, and “Advertisement” box (depending on your email provider).

If you did not receive an ICON email, please double check the folders mentioned above. Also please register the official ICON email ([email protected]) under your address book to prevent ICON emails being automatically classified as spam.

3. KYC Resubmission Requests

For KYC resubmission requests, due to the large amount of applications we are receiving, we cannot pinpoint the exact error of each participant. We apologize that we cannot give 1on1 response to everyone.

Please refer to the various FAQ and Step-by-Step guides available on the ICON blog when resubmitting your KYC application. For those who have submitted their KYC application WITHIN the KYC registration period will be given plenty of time to resubmit their application if there is a need for resubmission. So applicants who require a resubmission can rest assured.

Thank you for your patience and we would like to assure you that we will do our utmost to make sure that no one is left out.

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