Thank you for your interest in the ICON Project. This post will explain the background regarding the implementation of KYC(Know-Your-Customer) and the detailed KYC procedures.

[KYC Implementation Background]

ICON has implemented KYC in order to protect against rapidly changing international regulations. By implementing KYC, the ICON project will be protected from legal risks and provide the foundation for a more stable development environment, list ICX on cryptocurrency exchanges, and better enable the community connections.

We apologize for the inconvenience that we have shown for the past few days regarding the KYC announcement. We would like to stress that the KYC process is to protect ICON contributors. The ICON Team, apologize once again for the delayed response.

[KYC Process Details]

※ Important! Citizens of the USA, China, and Singapore cannot participate in the ICON Token Sale.

  1. Visit the official ICON website (, click the “Contribute” button, follow the instructions, and send ETH to your unique ETH deposit address.

  2. After you contribute ETH, the KYC process begins. Upload/input followings for KYC:

  • Data Needed:
  1. Personal Ethereum wallet address
  2. E-mail address used to register on the official ICON website
  • Document to Upload:
  1. Clear copy of Government Issued ID (passport, Driver’s License)
  2. Photo of yourself holding your ID (ID must be visible)

- KYC Upload Start : October 2, 2017 / 13:00 (UTC+9)

- KYC Upload Close : October 16, 2017 / 13:00 (UTC +9)

※ KYC results will be sent to your email, individually.

<#1: Clear copy of ID><#2: Photo of yourself holding your ID>※ The ID (#1) must match the ID that you are holding (№2). Please, make sure to provide a clear and readable images.

The ICON Team is fully aware of the concerns regarding the post-contribution KYC process. We will provide refund on all accounts with disapproved KYC.

[KYC Refund Policy]

  • KYC Disapprovals
  1. USA/China/Singapore nationals

  2. Insufficient KYC documents

  3. In case of unqualified account (Ex: illegal money laundering, terrorism related funds, etc.)

  • Corrective Measures on KYC Disapproval
  1. The distributed ICX Tokens will be locked up (non-transferable), the ICX will be burned when the Mainnet launches.

  2. Refund of ETH contributed to the Token Sale

[Refund Process]

  1. KYC disapproval notification will be sent to the email account registered on the official ICON website

  2. Refund is made to the address used for the Pre-Sale/Token Sale

Please, send all KYC related inquiries to : [email protected].

Thank you again for your continuous support and interest in the ICON Project.

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