The KYC process has begun! The KYC process is implemented to legally protect the ICON project and our contributors. To unlock your ICX Tokens, you must go through the KYC process. The refund process will begin for those who are disqualified at the end of KYC process.

Submit your KYC application by visiting the ICON website. Sign into your account, click on the “KYC Process” button, then submit your information in the KYC Application form. If you’re having trouble following through the KYC application process, please refer to detailed step-by-step KYC application guide below for more details:

Please remember to upload a government-issued photo ID, hide your unique identification numbers, and input all answers in English (photo ID does not have to be in English).

The ICON team will send out weekly “KYC Application Receipt” emails every Friday starting on Oct. 27. Contributors who properly submitted KYC applications will get a “Application Successfully Received” email. Contributors who have incorrectly submitted KYC applications will get a “Resubmission” notification email.

Even though a KYC form is submitted properly, it does not mean that the contributor has passed the KYC process. The final KYC qualification/disqualification will be announced after the AML process is concluded at the end of November.

Please send any KYC related inquiries to ([email protected]).

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