ICON-Bodhi, Strategic partnership

Greetings from the ICON Team,

ICON has signed a strategic partnership with the Bodhi Foundation, a decentralized prediction market platform that is native to the Qtum blockchain. ICON and Bodhi will work together to enhance Bodhi’s prediction platform through interconnecting with other blockchains in the ICON network. The strategic partnership with Bodhi will strengthen the ICON community in China and may lead to more collaboration with DApps on other platforms.

ICON’s platform will increase confirmation speed and lower transaction fees. As a key member of the ‘Blockchain Interoperability Alliance’, ICON will enable Bodhi users to easily transfer value across different blockchains. This partnership will also open Bodhi’s prediction market to ICON’s global communities, which will facilitate more accurate predictions. ICON will provide technical support to successfully deploy Bodhi’s decentralized application to ICON’s blockchain platform in 2018.

JH Kim, ICON council member, stated “Bodhi is the first live prediction market on a mainnet and it already has active users utilizing the product, having Bodhi on board will enhance the diversity and strength of the decentralized application ecosystem on the ICON platform,”

Xiahong Lin, founder and project lead of Bodhi Prediction Market, said “We are happy to partner with ICON, which has a strong technological edge, a great user base and healthy ecosystem. Although Bodhi is native to the Qtum blockchain, we believe it is important to have footprints in other protocols as each of them has the advanced features. The partnership with ICON enables us to facilitate more accurate predictions and better reach out to Korean users”

The strategic partnership between ICON and Bodhi will enhance Bodhi’s prediction market platform and further lead to expansion of ICON’s blockchain ecosystem.

Thank you,

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