ICON Mainnet Version 3.0 Updated

Greetings from the ICON Team,

ICON Mainnet Version 3.0 has been released today. ICON’s SCORE (Smart Contract on Reliable Environment), the implementation environment of ICON smart contracts, is now fully operational. This Mainnet update is significant in that it has established the infrastructure for the SCORE development environment, which is the foundation for creating DApps on the ICON platform.

Test Environment for ICON PlatformAlong with the Mainnet update, the ICON team has also opened TestNet, which allows developers to conduct tests before deploying their blockchain projects to the live Mainnet. Additionally, the ICON team will open DevNet, which supports local development environment for testing via the AWS Marketplace. Once ICON’s blockchain nodes are registered in the AWS Marketplace, developers will be able to develop and test ICON Service and DApps on their own private networks via the AWS cloud.

Changes in Fee StructureㅡYellow Paper ReleaseAs the function of ICON Network has expanded, we have now introduced the new fee structure. The transaction fee which was fixed at 0.01 ICX, will be measured in a more sophisticated way. In addition, new measures are devised for Smart Contract Executor (DApp) to reduce its burden of transaction fee. More details are presented on the second part of our Yellow Paper -just released today.

» Yellow Paper on Transaction Fee & SCORE Operation Policy

ICONex & ICON Tracker UpdatedICONex, and ICON Tracker also have been updated as the new fee structure has been deployed. There are major changes in several functions including adding tokens, viewing smart contracts as well as recording and verifying data on blockchain.

Detailed guidelines for ICONex and ICON Tracker can be found at the link below. *ICONex PC, Mobile (Android, iOS) version will be updated shortly with the Mainnet 3.0 version update.

» Guidelines for ICONex and ICON Tracker

The ICON team has continued to expand the ICON ecosystem since our Mainnet launch in January. We have launched Deblock and ICX Station, signed several MOUs with strategic partners, opened a Developers Portal, and have been releasing portions of our Yellow Paper. With the Mainnet update, we are one step closer to achieving mass-adoption of blockchain and realizing our vision to ‘Hyperconnect the World’.