ICON-sponsoring ‘CryptoShift’

Greetings from the ICON Team,

We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring ‘CryptoShift’, an event put on by Hustle Fund that brings together a community of Silicon Valley’s top builders, operators, investors, and thinkers to discuss recent trends and ideas in crypto/blockchain. The event is August 23rd in San Francisco, giving us the opportunity to further expand our presence in Silicon Valley.

Last year this event aggregated individuals from traditional tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Airbnb, while also attracting reputable crypto funds such as Polychain Capital.

We expect this year to have a similar turnout, which is why we are taking advantage of this opportunity to spread awareness of the ICON Project to those that can make a material impact. ICON Team members at the event will have the chance to pitch ICON, and we hope to come away from CryptoShift with an even stronger network in Silicon Valley.