Greetings from the ICON Team,

ICON, as a strategic partner of LINE in both business and technology, will be participating in ‘LINE+LINK-DEV 2018’, which will be held in Conference Room 401, COEX, on November 8th. More than 500 attendees, including developers and blockchain professionals, will congregate to discuss blockchain development strategy, the advancement of the global fintech industry, and the effects DApp services could have in real-life.

During the event, Hongkyu Lee, the CEO of Unchain, the joint venture co-founded by ICON and LINE, and Soohwan Park, the Project Managing Director of ICON Foundation, will be attending the conference to give a speech. Hongkyu Lee will introduce at 10:35, and Soohwan Park will explain <ICON’s Interchain Technology and Developer Tools> at 16:00, informing the audience about ICON’s original technology and special guides to using SDK/API.

Additionally, the ICON Team will operate a booth for recruiting and project introduction, so please do not hesitate to join us!