Joint Venture between ICON and LINE: ‘Unchain’

Greetings from the ICON Team,

May 14th, 2018 — ICON and LINE PLUS, a global social platform with over 200 million monthly average users(MAU) worldwide, has co-founded ‘Unchain’ to build LINE’s blockchain network. Unchain aims to develop various DApp services while building synergies with ICON to expand the blockchain ecosystem.

H.K. Lee, technical director at ICON, has been appointed as CEO of Unchain. H.K. Lee currently develops and reviews DApp teams looking to collaborate with ICON. He has garnered deep knowledge and experience of both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence through his work.

Unchain will create a blockchain ecosystem fueled by a token economy, where the users are rewarded for their contributions to the network. DApp services discovered through ICON and Unblock, a subsidiary of LINE dedicated to blockchain research and to accelerate DApp projects, will be integrated with Unchain. This joint venture takes blockchain and decentralization another step closer to being a part of our everyday lives.

This joint venture with LINE is expected to connect significantly more users and DApps to the ICON network, bringing us that much closer to a “Hyperconnected World”.

Thank you,

Hyperconnect the World


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