Ledger support for ICX coming soon.

Greetings from the ICON Team

We are happy to announce that ICX will be added as one of the cryptocurrencies supported by Ledger devices. Ledger support will start next month and we will announce the exact date as soon as the date is finalized.

Mainnet ICX will be able to be stored in Ledger hardware wallets, and feature updates in ICONex will be made accordingly to support Ledger hardware wallets. If you currently hold ERC20 ICX(wallets starting with an address starting with 0x), you can store them in the Ledger ICX wallet after making the token swap using ICONex. (To learn how to make the token swap, click here)

By using Ledger you can;

  • Store mainnet ICX offline
  • Create a PIN code to protect access of your Ledger device
  • Use the recovery phrase feature in Ledger for recovering your wallet

We will be posting a detailed manual of how to store your ICX in the Ledger hardware wallet soon.

Thank you

Hyperconnect the World