Reminder: Exchanges Supporting the ICX Mainnet Token Swap

Greetings from the ICON Team,

The token swap deadline is just two weeks away. More exchanges have decided to support the token swap, and we are pleased to provide the following update:

As of October 13, 2018, the ICX token swap is only possible through two methods: 1) Holding ICX on Binance, Upbit, OKEx, Huobi, Bithumb, or DragonEX or 2) Manually swapping tokens through ICONex. The ERC20 ICX tokens will be swapped to mainnet ICX coins with a 1:1 swap exchange rate (1 ERC20 ICX token = 1 mainnet ICX coin). Please be aware that once the token swap is made, you cannot convert them back to ERC20 ICX tokens.

-Swap Complete: Binance, Upbit, OKEx

If you currently hold ICX on exchanges that have completed the swap, there is no need for a separate token swap procedure because you already have the Mainnet ICX coins.

-Swap in Progress: Huobi, Bithumb, DragonEX

For exchanges due for swap, the ERC20 ICX token must be deposited to the exchange in accordance with the token swap schedule that will be posted by the exchanges.

For exchanges not mentioned above, token swap is not supported, therefore the token swap must be carried out through ICONex or deposited on exchanges listed in the “Swap in Progress” section above.

The token swap will end on the 25th of October and loss may occur if swap is not completed. We highly recommend you to swap your tokens before the deadline.

Using ICONex: Detailed Guide — Click here

* Create an ICONex ETH wallet and send your ERC20 ICX tokens to the ICONex ETH wallet (Guide to creating your wallet)

*Please check to make sure that you created an ICONex ETH wallet (address starts with “0x”)

  • Add ICX custom token to activate the token swap feature.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the token swap submission
  1. Your ICONex ICX wallet will be created automatically and the same amount of ICX that you have swapped will be distributed to your ICX wallet.

  2. You will need a small amount of ETH balance for the token swap.

  • Mainnet ICX coins will be distributed once per day(except weekends). (Token swap submission available at all times)
  • Token swap submission received before 09:00(UTC+9) will be processed and distributed on the same day at 18:00(UTC+9). Submission received after 09:00(UTC+9) will be processed the next day. (No distribution on weekends or holidays)

## Questions Regarding the Token Swap

We expect to receive many questions regarding the token swap and may take time to answer individual questions through email. Please submit your questions using the following link and we will update our FAQ sheet with the answers.

Submit your questions: Click here

FAQ sheet: Answers to your questions

Important Notice

1. Airdropped ICX are mainnet ICX coins. They do not need to go through the token swap process.

2. There may be SCAM attempts impersonating ICON. The ICX token swap will only be made through ICONex. If you find any SCAM attempts asking you to send your ICX to an individual wallet for the token swap process, please let us know ([email protected])

3. The swapped mainnet ICX coins will be stored in the ICONex ICX wallet starting with hx, not the ICONex ETH wallet starting with 0x. Also, please do not send your ICX mainnet coins to ETH based wallets such as MEW. Never send Mainnet tokens to an address starting with “0x”. Never send ERC20 coins to an address starting with “hx”.

4. ERC20 ICX tokens that are swapped will be burned (locked) and will no longer be used. The burned ERC20 tokens will not be in the total circulation amount.