#2. ICON Development Roadmap Update — Feb 2019

Greetings from the ICON Team,

The ICON Team has been updating the development roadmap on the last day of every month. (» ICON Development Roadmap Update in JAN) At the end of February, the ICON Team would like to share what we plan to do, based on our recent achievements focusing on the key components of the roadmap.

After stabilization, Development of Fee 2.0, the new fee system which allows DApp providers to pay transaction fees instead of users, will be completed and ready for launch. Additionally, DApp providers can pay transaction fees with Virtual Step* generated through staking.

(*Virtual step is a system to mitigate the burden of transaction fees. SCORE operator can receive and utilize Virtual Step by agreeing to deposit a certain amount of ICX for a given period of time.)

The ‘DEX (Decentralized Exchange)’ Development Team has optimized ICON DEX structure by analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the four existing DEX services; IDEX, 0x, Kyber Network, and Bancor. The team has also completed developing smart contracts, and started to develop the user interface and front-end.

The ‘IISS (ICON Incentives Scoring System)’ Development Team currently aims to start stabilizing the IISS functionality in April.

The ‘BTP(Blockchain Transfer Protocol)’ Development Team is developing a DevNet that enables developers to experience Interchain environment, which connects different blockchain networks. The team is also working on connecting different ICON TestNets through BTP and aiming to finish development of this TestNet by April.

The ‘DID (Decentralized Identifier)’ Development Team is establishing smart contracts based on a standard protocol and plans to launch a practical service with a DApp partner in May.

Developing ‘STO (Security Token)’ smart contract has been complete. Besides, we are also working to support the Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox to be realized.

The ICON Team will turn the private HackerOne bounty program over to the public to enhance ICON Network security in early March. More white-hat hackers and developers are welcomed to participate in the HackerOne bounty program. We are waiting for your contribution to enhance the security of the ICON Network. Further notice about participation will be released.

-ICON Development Team