#7. ICON Development Roadmap Update — July 2019

Hello from ICON Foundation,

It is the last day of July, and in the middle of the summer heat, the ICON Foundation presents development updates as we have been doing on the last day of each month.

ICONSENSUS CampaignSince the ICONSENSUS campaign was launched on January 17th, 60 teams from all over the world have registered as P-Rep candidates and have been active in the ICON ecosystem. If you plan to vote for a candidate, please participate in the Pre-Voting period, which also makes you eligible for the promotional event (from August 26th to September, 2019 lasting for a total of 30 days) held by the ICON Foundation. More details to follow.

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IISS Paper ver 2.0The version 2.0 of the IISS Paper containing the token address of the representative delegation system was released to prevent the ICON network from being disintegrated. Penalty system, the ICX token issuance system, and the fee system are included in this update program as well as the details of the compensation structure (Download IISS 2.0 Paper).

Fee 2.0Fee 2.0 feature was released in July, and now, ICON DApp operators can configure fees so that the user does not pay network transaction fees. Fee 2.0 improves the user experience by lowering the barriers to entry and encouraging user adoption.

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ICON’s Got TalentWith ICON TX Challenge, ICON Network has been able to achieve the following two outcomes:

First, the ICON Network can be reliably processed without delay regardless of the number of transactions exceeding millions of days and exceeding the level of ETH daily traffic through TX Challenge. As we progressed through ICON’s Got Talent, we were able to see the development of high-level DAPPs in a short period of time using the ICON development tool. The winner of the DApp Contest will be announced on August 14, 2019 at the official blog.

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**ICON DID (DPASS)**DPASS Mobile Application (iOS version) has been successfully released using the ICON public blockchain protocol. Broof’s blockchain certificate service is already integrated into DPASS. We plan to aggressively expand our customer base.

Download iOS ver.
Download Android ver.

my-IDICONLOOP’s digital identity service “My-ID” that was approved by Financial Services Commission (FSC) to be included in the Fintech Sandbox at the end of June. The digital ID service will be used to open non-face-to-face accounts, enabling the issuance of high-level identity certification, which is required to use any financial services.

In July and ahead September P-Rep election, the ICON development team completed P-Rep decentralization work, IISS compensation system, and other ICON decentralization-based features. The planned Pre-Voting Period is on schedule as planned. We hope that many ICONists would celebrate the upcoming launch by participating in Pre-voting.