ICON Community Grant Program

Funding projects benefiting the ICON community

Greetings ICONists and Happy Holidays,

The Foundation would like to bring to your attention the ICON community grant program. This recently introduced program is open to all blockchain and crypto enthusiasts looking to be apart of the growth of the ICON ecosystem. The submission process is easy, the potential scope is broad and the turnaround time is swift. We look forward to growing this platform together and look forward to your participation!


See more details below:

The ICON CGP is a centralized program run by the ICON Foundation to fund community projects benefiting the ICON community. This program will operate until the ICON Contribution Proposal System is fully developed and implemented on the ICON Network. Recommended proposal types include, but are not limited to: infrastructure, development, education, marketing, public relations, and community activities.

Operating Procedure

All ICONists can submit their proposals at forum.icon.community. If a grant is awarded, grant recipients will receive their ICX grants periodically based on predetermined milestones for the specific grant. Grant recipients will be required to produce Periodic Reports in order to continue to receive grant funding. If the Periodic Report is showing that the initiative is not meeting expectations, the ICON Foundation has the option to halt continued funding. The submission cycle of the Periodic Report will vary according to each project’s duration.

The details of the Periodic Report should be concise and include: Reporting period, submission date of the Report, details regarding milestones/accomplishments during the period, materials proving progress on the initiative, and expected results for the next period.

The ICON Foundation will first reach out to Proposers for an initial screening. Proposers will hear back from the ICON Foundation within two weeks of submitting the proposal, and will hear back regardless of whether they were approved or rejected. Proposals will be reviewed by the ICON Foundation using the framework outlined below, and the ICON Foundation will provide comments on the results of the review. The review process is conducted via subjective assessments from the ICON Foundation, but the proposer may request one reassessment after the review process is over.

Proposal Review Framework

  1. Proposal Overview

a) Does this benefit the ICON Network and/or community?

b) Does the proposal provide enough information?

c) Are there any risks for ICON community of this proposal?

d) Is there overlap between this proposal and other initiatives?

  1. Feasibility

a) Is the roadmap reasonable?

b) Do the team members have a relevant background?

  1. Public Good and Transparency

a) Does the project fairly justify its budget?

b) Are the deliverables and milestones verifiable and tangible?

  1. Title
  2. Project Category
  • Infrastructure: for supporting the underlying code base of the blockchain — Infrastructure supporting tools, bug patches, node maintenance tools, etc.
  • Development: Developer support and product ideas — wallets, block explorers, dapps, developer documentation, etc.
  • Community Activities: Ambassador activities, public relations, meetups, educational content and activities, and web community development and management
  1. Project Duration (Maximum of 6 months)

  2. Project Milestones

  3. Funding Amount Requested

  4. Official Team Name

  5. Team Contact Information (e.g. e-email, telegram id, social media)

  6. Public Address (To receive the grant)

Thank you,

ICON Foundation


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