ICON cooperates with VELIC as a listing partner for ICX Station

Greetings from the ICON Team,

The ICON Foundation is happy to announce its partnership with VELIC, a cryptocurrency exchange that participated in the ICX Station accelerator program, in listing opportunities for projects working with ICX Station. With this partnership, VELIC will support the listing of ICON DApps (decentralized applications) on its exchange.

With VELIC as a listing partner, ICX Station will be able to provide projects coming through the program with an avenue to liquidity. VELIC will support the IRC2 standard, thus lowering roadblocks for any ICON based token project seeking liquidity.

VELIC will go through their own due diligence process for each project interested in listing its tokens on VELIC’s platform. After passing through VELIC’s internal committee, VELIC can offer fundraising support with various promotions through IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings), IAOs (Initial Auction Offerings), and consulting.

ICON signed a strategic partnership with VELIC last January, cooperating to establish a blockchain-based financial ecosystem offering financial services on a large-scale. VELIC is a financial DApp based on the ICON Mainnet, with the tokens that power VELIC’s internal token economy being built on ICON using the IRC2 standard, and provides comprehensive digital asset platform services in an all-in-one format. With its exchange launch this month, VELIC has also developed its own unique IAO token sale platform. It will introduce asset management services such as digital vaults with specialized security solutions, as well as loan and investment products.

Jonghyup Kim, Council Member of the ICON Foundation, said, “In order to vitalize the DApp ecosystem, securing a distribution channel for cryptocurrencies is crucial. ICON, through the cooperation with VELIC, will increase user accessibility for high-quality blockchain projects and accelerate the expansion of blockchain ecosystem.”

Timothy Yang, the Chief Strategy Officer of VELIC, said, “We look forward to discovering more diverse blockchain projects through cooperation with ICON. As the financial backbone of ICON’s ecosystem, VELIC will assist high-quality projects with their token issuance, fundraising, listing as well as long-term corporate finance and asset management services so as to increase demand for ICON DApps and to contribute to the expansion of ICON’s ecosystem.”

Thank you,

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