ICON Foundation to Participate in 2019 ‘Money 20/20 USA’ Event

Min Kim, Foundation Council Member, will lead a panel discussion titled “$29 Trillion Question: How to Manage Trust”

Greetings ICONists,

ICON Foundation is pleased to announce its participation in the 2019 ‘Money 20/20 USA’ conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). Money20/20 is the doorway to the epicenter of the Payments, Banking, Fintech and Financial Services ecosystem. As the home of the Money Revolution, the event unites captains of industry, dreamers, trailblazers, innovative thinkers and fearless leaders that hold the keys to fundamental changes in the way the world uses, spends, borrows and moves money.

Min Kim, the co-founder of the ICON project and council member of the ICON Foundation, will lead a panel on the ‘$29 Trillion Question: How to Manage Trust’ with Alex Tapscott, co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute and best-selling co-author of ‘Blockchain Revolution’, and Pei Chen, Director of Financial Services & FinTech at ConsenSys.

“Money 20/20 USA is one of the biggest stages and I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of it this year,” said Min Kim. “This is going to be a perfect opportunity to showcase the ICON project and the blockchain industry’s progress in transforming the way we manage trust in organizations.”

Session Description

With the Internet enabling us to organize faster, cheaper and bigger, our full potential is still limited by the time and money spent on trust management. According to Cryptoeconomics, blockchain technology can help significantly reduce the cost of trust, which is estimated to be at least $29 trillion. Check out this panel for a look at products, services and technologies today’s blockchain pioneers are building to revolutionize the way we organize, work and transact — and how reducing the cost of trust will transform companies and improve business partnerships.

Questions This Session Intends to Answer

Understanding how the money revolution is connected to how humans organize: The internet has created a community of online merchants, and hence, a need for services like Paypal. The mobile internet has created a sharing economy, and hence, a need for services like Stripe. Now with blockchain, we are now seeing a rise of new types of organizations (e.g. decentralized, distributed, digital native). How are these organizations different structurally and operationally vs. traditional organizations?

  • Event Title: Money 20/20 USA
  • Session Title: $29 Trillion Question: How to Manage Trust
  • Date/Time: October 27, 2019 (Sun) / 10:20am
  • Location: Workshop 2, Venetian I-J, The Venetian
  • Website: https://us.money2020.com/


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