ICON signs a strategic partnership with MixMarvel, a blockchain-based global game publisher

Greetings from the ICON Team,

The ICON Foundation is happy to announce its strategic partnership with ‘MixMarvel’, a blockchain-based global game publishing company.

MixMarvel, which newly joined as ICON’s DApp (Decentralized Application) partner, aims to connect game content creators with players with the goal of building a game community filled with voluntary participation. With its proprietary game series including ‘HyperDragons’ and ‘HyperSnakes,’ MixMarvel is the world’s first large-scale strategy blockchain game publisher more than 6,000 DAU. MixMarvel plans to release its blockchain-based gaming platform MixMarvel Platform in 2Q 2019.

With this partnership, MixMarvel will support ICON’s blockchain ecosystem expansion upon 3 core pillars: integrating its game platform to ICON’s public blockchain network, applying as a P-Rep candidate, and participating in the ICX Station program. MixMarvel plans to complete integration of the ICON Platform to Rocket Protocol, the layer 2 solution for blockchain games, as well as MixMarvel SDK, a toolkit for the developer community to build on Rocket Protocol, within 4Q 2019. Its strategy is to support not only the production of new blockchain games but also the introduction of blockchain technology into existing online and mobile game industry series, reducing the entry barriers.

Additionally, MixMarvel has completed the pre-registration for ICON Public Representative (P-Rep) candidacy. Twenty two P-Reps elected via an on-chain election in upcoming September will have the distributed responsibility of preserving the ICON Network, producing and verifying blocks, validating transactions, and proposing and voting on network policy changes.

ICON will offer MixMarvel a wide variety of consulting services, including but not limited to, business planning, technology development, and game publishing through its global accelerating program called ‘ICX Station.’ ICON is the only blockchain project in Korea with a global accelerator program. The ICX Station has locations in Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo. Deblock currently serves as ICX Station’s Seoul Launchpad, bringing its local DApp projects into the global market.

Jonghyup Kim, Council Member of the ICON Foundation, said, “game entertainment, combined with blockchain technology, will be the most suitable and casual form for owning and trading tokenized digital assets. ICON, in cooperation with MixMarvel and its large-scale users, will achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology by providing services that can be easily accessed in real life.”

Jade Zhang, CEO of MixMarvel, said, “the transaction processing speed is crucial for developing and operating blockchain games, which will eventually be combined with new technologies such as 3D, VR (Virtual reality), and AR (Augmented Reality). By utilizing high TPS (Transaction Per Second) and developer toolkits of the ICON platform, MixMarvel will support anyone looking to create value from game contents.”