ICON Sponsors Deblock Japan

Deblock, Inc. in Japan will also operate ICX Station — Tokyo Launchpad, the accelerator program of ICON

ICON has announced its sponsorship of Deblock, Inc. (Representative Director John Minkoo Kim, Deblock Japan) in Japan on March 7th. Deblock Japan will operate a Tokyo Launchpad of ICX Station, the accelerator program sponsored by ICON, with partners both inside and outside of Japan.

ICON is the only blockchain project in Korea with a global accelerator program, ICX Station, with locations in Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Deblock Japan, established in June 2018, is specialized in technology-driven consultation and fundraising for Japanese companies planning to leverage the power of blockchain technology.

ICON is planning to find and foster promising DApp projects in Japan through this sponsorship. Both ICON and Deblock Japan will provide various types of support to selected projects, with a focus on 5 industries in which blockchain could have a significant impact: Fintech, Sharing Economy, Gaming and Entertainment, and E-commerce.

ICON, as a sponsor of this program, offers seed investment to selected projects. Deblock Japan also provides support for global fundraising strategy through its network of venture capital funds and early-stage investors both inside and outside of Japan.

Selected projects will receive acceleration services, technical support, and fundraising support. Deblock Japan provides guidance for token economy design, go-to-market strategy, business development, pitch deck preparation and review, and introductions to quality service providers (law firms, PR firms, accounting firms, etc.). Additionally, Deblock offers blockchain-related QA technical support via ICON’s engineering team as well as 25% discounted smart contract audit services based on its partnerships with domestic and overseas code audit companies.

Partners for the Tokyo Launchpad include: Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, B Cryptos, Gracone, LayerX, Yanagisawa and Company, and Wachsman.

J.H. Kim, Council Member of the ICON Foundation said, “In addition to the official self-regulation system of JVCEA (Japan’s Virtual Currency Exchange Association) last year, Japan, as a key member of the of G20, is working to build guidelines and regulations for cryptocurrency and ICOs.” He added, “ICON expects this sponsorship to help ICON strengthen its position in the Japanese market.”

John Minkoo Kim, Representative Director of Deblock Japan, said “ICON has made its presence in Japan through various partnerships with leading blockchain enterprises in Japan.” He also remarked, “Deblock Japan sees upcoming ICO regulations in Japan as an opportunity, and we plan to source, fund and incubate diverse DApp projects in Japan. We will take the lead in building the ICON ecosystem in Japan.”

After a month-long review period for document screening, evaluation and confirmation by the Investment Committee, the Tokyo Launchpad invests and begins acceleration. The evaluation criteria include, but are not limited to: a firm understanding of the business applications of blockchain technology, strong development capabilities, a functioning MVP (Minimum Viable Product), sustainable token economics, and a dedicated team with relevant backgrounds. The application is available on Deblock Japan’s website (https://www.deblock.co.jp) year round.

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