Introducing ICON’s DAO Based Governance System

Contribution Proposal Framework

Greetings ICONists,

We are excited to announce the release of the Contribution Proposal Paper, a framework designed to turn the ICON Republic into one of the first fully functioning decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Upon implementation of this system, ICONists will be able to directly control the distribution of funds generated by the ICON Network via voting on Ecosystem Expansion Projects and DApps to add to the DApp Booster Program (DBP)

This framework outlines the process to begin earning rewards from the DApp Booster Program and Ecosystem Expansion Project initiatives. Applying as an EEP or applying to the DBP will collectively be referred to as “Contribution Proposals”. All ICONists will be able to take part in approving Pending Contribution Proposals by voting with their Staked ICX, and all ICONists will have the right to submit a Contribution Proposal to seek community support for their endeavors.

For more details on the Contribution Proposal System, please refer to the Contribution Proposal Paper. We look forward to seeing the further decentralization of the ICON Network through the implementation of this system.

Contribution Proposal Paper

Thank you,

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