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On July 30th at 5pm (PST), we will host an online meetup with leading blockchain projects, MakerDAO and Tezos. Wilson Withiam, Research Analyst at Messari, will be the host for the panel discussion. Daeki Lee, Head of Ecosystem at ICON Foundation, Kevin Nielsen, Associate at TQ Tezos, and Charles St.Louis, Decentralized Governance Architect at Maker Foundation will participate in the panel discussion about governance.

Governance is an integral part of blockchain projects, yet there is still no proven approach while many blockchain projects continue experimenting with the governance of their ecosystem. As the ICON project went through decentralization last Fall, the team has learned many important lessons along the way and thought that it would be a good idea to share these lessons while learning from other blockchain projects that have gone through the decentralization process as well. With that in mind, we invited Tezos and Maker DAO, two blockchain projects that are well known in the industry for active governance of the ecosystem, to join us for a panel discussion on governance.

We hope to have a candid discussion about the latest status on the governance of each blockchain project and believe that this meetup will provide a good overview on various approaches to the governance of blockchain projects. As many defi platforms issue governance tokens, the governance topic is becoming increasingly more important. We hope that the lessons shared in this panel can inspire many who are interested in learning more about blockchain governance and in experimenting with a new governance approach.


Governance: What It Means to Blockchain Projects

Date and time

Thursday, July 30, 2020 17:00–18:00 (PST)


Virtual (

Profile of Speakers

Daeki Lee (ICON Foundation)

Daeki is the Head of Ecosystem at the ICON Foundation. He started his career as a venture capitalist at TransLink Capital, in which he led multiple early stage investments. He joined ICON Foundation and built ICX Station to foster the ICON ecosystem. At ICX Station, he is actively supporting projects on the ICON network, building necessary products for the ICON ecosystem, and leading the community growth. Daeki earned his B.S. in Business Administration from Haas School of Business.

Kevin Nielsen (Tezos)

Kevin Nielsen is an associate at TQ Tezos, a firm building assets and applications in the Tezos ecosystem, that helped build the Tezos Agora forum and governance dashboard. He also runs Boardroom, a monthly newsletter aiming to interpret the complex world of distributed network governance, politics, and power.

Charles St.Louis (Maker Foundation)

As the Decentralized Governance Architect at the Maker Foundation, Charles St. Louis is responsible for the initiative to further research, design and formalize Maker governance processes on behalf of the Maker Foundation, with a focus on the self-sustainability of the DAO. Charles is also an active contributor to Ethereum and the Ethereum Cat Herders, helping with improving the EIP process, advisor of, project management, and working on Ethereum developer growth strategy initiative.

Wilson Withiam (Messari)

Wilson is a research analyst at Messari, primarily focusing on the design and market potential of smart contract platforms. Before Messari, Wilson was an analyst at Circle Research, where he was one half of the team focused on producing weekly updates and in-depth quarterly reports on crypto assets. He also helped launch an organization dedicated to educating blockchain application developers.

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