Greetings ICONists,

We are almost ready to put 2020 behind us and look forward to the many exciting developments within the ICON ecosystem in the new year. However, we still have many more things to accomplish for the balance of 2020 including new features and upgrades to ICON v1 which are expected to release soon. See below for more details on what is in the pipeline and what we’re working on!

1. Revision 12 Update on Testnet

A new update to loopchain and ICON Service is coming soon. ICON Foundation is planning to release a new update to stabilize the ICON Network in mid-December on the Yeouido, Euljiro, and Pagoda testnets. We’ll test this update until the end of this year and release this on the Mainnet in early Jan 2021 after finishing the testing.

This update will focus on increasing the security and stability of our decentralized network. The new update includes the below features:

  • Burn address: The System SCORE (cx000..) will have the ability to burn the ICX that is sent to the address. Everyone who wants to burn ICX on the ICON Network will be able to send their ICX to this address.
  • ICX balance verification logic: To check all the changes on the ICX supply, the blockchain verifies each account’s balance when it processes and generates a transaction.
  • Recovery mode: A solution to recover a P-Rep node from a network pause situation. Nodes can activate recovery mode when an issue occurs. If the number of the nodes with recovery mode enabled reach quorum, the network is restored.
  • Minor bug fixes: fixed bugs on container DB, transaction processing logic, etc.

More details will be provided with a new release note very soon.

2. Contribution Proposal System (CPS)

The Contribution Proposal System is nearing the final stages of testing. The SCOREs are complete and going through testing, the backend infrastructure is nearly complete and in the process of being deployed, and the frontend user interface is simply being polished. We are excited to share the Contribution Proposal System with the community and anticipate having the CPS live on mainnet by the end of December. Stay tuned for more detailed information on the CPS in the coming weeks.

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