Greetings ICONists,

This month was highlighted by the release of the ICON 2.0 Testnet Gangnam and the JAVA SCORE environment. Additionally, we have made significant progress on the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) and are expecting the release to mainnet very soon. Please see below for the latest timeline and further information on these developments.

1. ICON 2.0 Testnet Gangnam has been launched

ICON 2.0 Testnet, Gangnam, has been successfully launched. Gangnam is the testnet that enables the Java SCORE and provides developers an opportunity to test ahead of the ICON 2.0 launch. Note, you can immediately start developing Java SCORE on the testnet using Goloop CLI Tools.

Since Java SCORE is a faster and more sustainable smart contract environment, we’re going to encourage developers to develop Java SCORE instead of developing Python SCORE. Please check this previous post for more details and if you have any questions please join this chat and leave a message.


2. Contribution Proposal System (CPS)

Significant progress has been made over the past month on the Contribution Proposal System with excellent work from the iBriz-Iconosphere P-Rep team. We are targeting the end of November or early December for the mainnet deployment of the CPS. The user interface is nearly complete. Smart contract work is progressing ahead of schedule, with much of the base logic already in code (P-Rep registration, P-Rep voting, application submission, etc.).

For the next month, our goal is to complete development and be in a position to test the entire system. We look forward to bringing this innovative funding mechanism to the ICON Network and allowing all community members to earn income for their work in growing the ICON ecosystem.

Thank you,

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