At block height 21,789,395, the ICON Foundation submitted a Step Price Proposal to adjust the step price to 12,500,000,000 loop (0.00000000125 ICX). However, at block height 21,809,081, the proposal was passed and the step price changed to 1,258,425,417,728 loop (0.000001258425417728 ICX). This was the result of an issue with the core Governance contract, and more details about the issue and how it was solved can be found in the post-mortem.

ICON has decided to reimburse all the extra transaction fees paid as a result of the issue. We calculated the extra fees paid by all users which resulted in a total fee reimbursement of approximately 7,170 ICX. Please see the Transaction Fee Reimbursement Address List for all addresses and the amount of ICX reimbursement they received. The reimbursement has already been paid and there is no necessary action to be taken.

Thank you,