Greetings ICONists,

We are excited to announce the integration with, one of the leading blockchain-based application and on-chain analysis platforms. Upon completion of this integration, we expect ICON dapps to benefit from having exposure to the large user base of, which includes 100K+ MAU, 4–5K DAU, 105K registered users, and an email list of over 20K emails. As the dapp ecosystem within ICON matures, there has been a growing number of dapps asking for exposure to a larger user base and we believe that this integration will serve that purpose.

This was also an exciting achievement because it was one of the first external communities to receive grants through the ICON Community Grant Program.’s proposal can be seen here. It is great to see the ecosystem grow in collaboration with external communities and we hope to accelerate the growth of the ICON ecosystem by promoting the ICON Community Grant Program more actively to other communities going forward.

The following have been implemented through integration:

  1. ICON Column on Homepage and Ranking Page with dapp stats (ex: 24hr users, 7day users, transactions, score, etc)
  2. Dapp Page for each ICON dapp with profile, stats display, and user review function
  3. ICON Column on Dapp Market Overview Page to provide comparisons with other leading blockchains by different data filters
  4. Dapp Data Telegram Bot to report real-time ICON dapp stats in any group chat

The following marketing activities will take place:

  1. Listing announcements and story (Press Release)
  2. Listing campaign to boost awareness of ICON and ICON Dapps on
  3. 4 Free Dapp promotion packages for ICON dapps upon requests from ICON
  4. Educational content about ICON and ICON dapps

About is the leading blockchain-based application and on-chain analysis platform. Offering a suite of metrics, market reports, and data insights into 12 different smart contracts platforms, is on the bleeding-edge of an emerging market for decentralized applications.

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