Today, our technology and ecosystem expansion partner, ICONLOOP, signed an MoU with Saramin HR, which operates the job placement platform and search engine Saramin (, to collaborate in building a blockchain-based digital ID and authentication ecosystem. Saramin HR is Korea’s leading job placement platform, similar to

The purpose of the MoU is to increase Saramin’s customer experience and value through ICONLOOP’s blockchain certificate issuance and management service ‘broof’ and its digital identity platform ‘MyID.’ Furthermore, it will contribute and collaborate in building a more robust and vibrant blockchain-based digital ID and verification ecosystem in Korea.

Jong Hyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, said: “We are confident that blockchain technology based on its stability and transparency will make a big change in the field of human resource management.” He continued, “Many members using Saramin, the nation’s leading employment platform, will now experience the benefits of blockchain technology. And this will be an important case of real-world blockchain adoption.”

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), a leading Korean university, and Korea Productivity Center are already using ‘broof’ to issue blockchain-based certificates. In fact, POSTECH’s 828 new graduates will receive an email letter today with a QR code linked to their blockchain-stored diplomas on broof.

And through this agreement with Saramin, submitting the users’ certificates and verifying the authenticity of these documents will be simplified. More and more educational institutions and companies are preparing to issue blockchain certificates through ‘broof’ in the future. And with this, we expect increased activity in blockchain-based HR adoption.

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