Greetings from the ICON Team,

We are excited to announce the successful integration of the Magic SDK, a popular passwordless authentication and private key management service in the Ethereum ecosystem, into the ICON public blockchain. ICON has been collaborating with Magic to support various leading decentralized applications with passwordless authentication service, enabling an easier onboarding experience for dapp users. ICON’s extensive ecosystem combined with Magic’s easy onboarding solution will expedite the mass adoption of decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming, security tokens, NFTs, and more.

Passwordless authentication with Magic allows Ethereum-based applications to have a completely white-labeled experience, where developers have full control over their user onboarding without having to rely on a mandatory wallet UI (e.g. for transaction confirmation). This increases user conversion rates from 10% (with MetaMask / browser extensions) to over 80%. Magic has been incredibly useful in helping developers build relationships directly with their own end-users, instead of forwarding them to wallet providers, and abstracting away all the complexities related to blockchain from end-users. Some notable integrations with Magic include Foundation, Fairmint, and Cent.

Any ICON developer interested in providing a better user onboarding experience now has the ability to integrate the Magic SDK into their application via Magic’s ICON Extension. With this extension, every new user that signs up via Magic will be given an ICON key pair managed by Magic’s blockchain-agnostic Delegated Key Management System. Developers will have the following benefits by utilizing Magic SDK:

  • Expanded user funnel
  • Integration in minutes
  • Security compliant
  • Increase user conversion
  • Full control over UX
  • Multi-factor authentication

“The integration with Magic SDK to the ICON Network will benefit the user experience of all the decentralized applications built on South Korea’s largest blockchain project. We believe that the user experience is a big hurdle for blockchain services, and are very excited by the potential of overcoming that hurdle with Magic integration.”

Min Kim, Founder of ICON Network

“We’re absolutely thrilled about the ICON + Magic partnership, and bring what we’ve learned from onboarding mainstream users to Ethereum dapps to the ICON Network. We’ll not just be working on connecting everyday people in South Korea to the blockchain, but also connecting the worlds of different blockchains and philosophies.”

Sean Li, CEO of Magic

This successful integration enables ICON developers to start building applications that target a broader audience who may not be familiar with blockchain or cryptocurrency by abstracting away the concept of blockchain from end-users. The Magic team was swift with implementation and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership in expanding useful blockchain services to a broader audience with an intuitive onboarding user experience.

Thank You,

ICON Foundation

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