Greetings ICONists,

We’re happy to announce that we are extending the application period for the June Delegation Program. Please apply by Friday, June 5th for consideration.

As part of this program and as a reminder, the ICON Foundation will use a portion of its ICX treasury to delegate to teams we believe are contributing to the network in areas such as development, marketing, and community building. We believe the benefits of this program are two-fold. The first is the potential to expand and speed up the growth of our ecosystem. And the second is an opportunity for new or current teams with strong skillsets, but limited promotional or self-marketing experience, to receive delegation from the Foundation. Details of the program are provided below.

Pilot program structure

The Foundation will delegate a maximum of 2 million votes to each team in the program. Teams who would like to be considered for this program will be required to apply here.

  • The delegation term will be a minimum of 1 month.
  • Applications will be due the 1st of every month, and delegations will occur ~1 week later pending an internal review of submissions.

Thank you,


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