Dear ICONists,

ICON Foundation is excited to announce that VELIC has agreed to dedicate its engineering resources and take over ICONex and ICON Tracker development. Until now, ICONLOOP has been responsible for these products as ICON’s primary technology provider. This change allows ICONLOOP to better focus on ICON’s core blockchain development and user adoption with its suite of decentralized ID (DID) applications including MyID and Broof, and VisitMe.

As one of ICON’s P-Reps, the VELIC team reached out to us for guidance on how they can contribute more to the ICON project. Both ICONex and ICON Tracker are critical products for the ICON ecosystem and we are confident in this team’s tech capabilities. The VELIC team is not only very familiar with ICON’s technology, but they also have a wealth of experience in wallet security and data management. ICON Foundation is providing no grant or compensation to VELIC for this contribution.

As mentioned in our Newsletter #8: Coronavirus + Compare ICON vs. Other Blockchains, we are “determined more-than-ever to make ICON network a true open-source community project by removing as much dependency on our [ICONLOOP] team.” With further decentralization, our goal is to have more companies and individuals take on the critical technology components of the ICON ecosystem. In January, we approved MyIconWallet Mobile project as one of our first grants. ICON Foundation plans to continue supporting such initiatives in the future.

The ICON Team

Hyperconnect the World