Dear ICONists,

We are excited to announce that the Reliant Node P-Rep team is enhancing MyIconWallet with the support of the ICON Foundation. MyIconWallet will be the recommended wallet for the ICON Community. ICONex will still be available for download, but due to the duplicate purpose with ICONex, we decided to phase out support.

This is one more step toward community empowerment and decentralization. Ultimately, we believe deeper involvement by various teams in maintaining key pieces of the ICON Ecosystem will make our network more valuable.

The Reliant Node team has been an amazing asset to the ICON Community. We view this collaboration as an excellent way to reward hard work, determination and skillful development to one of our longest standing community development teams. Reliant Node has been involved with ICON from the start and we are excited to support their continued development of MyIconWallet.

As the first step of this collaboration, Reliant Node will be developing a MyIconWallet Chrome Extension, which can be used with any ICON app. It will include all the current features of ICONex, plus some additional features and enhancements that the community has been asking for. The ICON Network will continue to grow and add new features, and MyIconWallet will grow with it.

Thank you,



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