Greetings ICONists,

It was yet another busy month of development for our growing ecosystem. Highlighting this month’s activity was the creation of the BTP working group (ICON’s interoperability solution) and the outline for the expansion of BTP’s solution across many blockchain networks. Additionally, we provided details around the BTP architecture, and how it differs, and frankly improves upon existing solutions in the market today. Outside of this, we continued to make significant progress on ICON 2.0, and other initiatives. Please see below for more details.

1. BTP Working Group

As mentioned above, we announced the creation of the Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) Working Group, a team of ICON core members along with a growing set of 3rd party developer groups. The BTP Working Group’s sole purpose is to fulfill ICON’s ultimate vision of becoming a blockchain of blockchains.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing the progress and growth of the BTP Working Group. We currently have three third-party developer groups (Edgeware, ICON DAO, and Web3 Labs) learning the BTP architecture and working on implementations. Their work will be easily replicable across similar blockchain ecosystems making aggressive BTP expansion a realistic opportunity.

Find out more information on the BTP working group here and further details on BTP architecture and economics here.

2. ICON Service 1.8.10 hotfix released

Recently the ICON Network experienced a large number of spam transactions causing some issues on the ICON blockchain. To prevent future issues, developers quickly released a new version of the ICON Service (1.8.10) as a hotfix.

This update includes the ‘dosGuardEnable’ option which has a function to block the creation of a transaction for a certain period when the same address repeatedly creates transactions that exceed the threshold.

More details on the hotfix can be found here:

3. Hannam Testnet

ICON launched a new testnet for smart contract testing purposes, called Hannam, during the past week. This testnet has the same purpose as the current Yeouido testnet. Now all smart contract developers can deploy and test their contracts before they fully deploy on the mainnet.

Please see further information below to explore this testnet. Also, you can find additional information regarding the testnet faucet below as well:

Network information:


4. ICON 2.0 Alphanet

We have finished the development of public modules that support ICON 2.0 alpha protocol on Goloop implementation and it’s currently undergoing testing processes. Given the current testing progress, we think we need more time to fully finish testing without any significant issues. Although the timeline and details could be subject to change, we are trying to push it out to launch the alphanet in mid-April.

Once we have the exact timeline, we’ll share it with the community with more details. More information related to the alphanet and ICON 2.0 can be found here.

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