Greeting ICONists,

This month, core developers continued to make great progress on the migration of ICON 1.0 to ICON 2.0 and we’re hopeful for a successful launch in the coming months. Check out this tweet thread for a detailed update on the progress and process we are undertaking. Additionally, development teams continue their BTP work for the Polkadot ecosystem as well as several other chains/ecosystems yet to be announced. More details to follow shortly.

Finally, we’ve added several new hires to the team in recent weeks and are planning to add more over the next couple of months. We’ve also engaged with more 3rd party development teams to lead core components of the ICON ecosystem and are looking to partner with more as we focus on ICON’s core offering while at the same time expanding our developer ecosystem.

BTP progress update

We are currently in sprint 6 of parachain BTP implementations, and several key contracts are more than 70% completed, including parachain BSH, BMC, BMV and ICON BMV, BMR contracts. We will be continuing the implementation of these core BTP contracts.

Additionally, precompile codes for parachains are also completed and accepted. We have also successfully tested this locally with an Edgeware EVM build, and we plan to test this against their live network as soon as they make the upgrade on their testnet which is expected to happen sometime in June. This same process will be done on other parachains, including Acala, Moonbeam, and Plasm.

Parachain activity is just one of the BTP developments currently underway. We plan to announce further progress on other networks in short order. Stay tuned. But as always, you can follow development progress regarding BTP here (

Thank you,



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