Dear ICONists,

Today, we would like our community, partners, and our core project team members to know that the ICON Foundation is now officially a remote-first organization.

As many of you are aware, the ICON Foundation is based in Zug, Switzerland. However, in addition to Zug, our core project team members have been working out of San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Florida, Minnesota, Seoul, Jeju, Taipei, Tokyo, and more. The ICON Foundation has been a remote-first organization for a couple of years although we have never made it official.

A remote-first work environment has proven well for us. It helped our team achieve a better work-life balance by cutting commuting times and improving retention. It improved productivity, cross functional engagement, and also allowed a greater push for soft skills like effective communication, which in turn enhanced performance.

The ICON Foundation has been at the forefront of this seismic shift with how we work, communicate, and transact with each other. Sound familiar? Yes, we envisioned this digital, borderless future in our original whitepaper.

The world is changing fast, and the cryptocurrency industry is leading the charge. Many companies recently announced that they are now remote-first companies. Coinbase famously wrote in their S-1 filings for their Initial Public Offering, “In May 2020, we became a remote-first company. Accordingly, we do not maintain a headquarters.”

At ICON, we also do not maintain a headquarters. Instead, we aim to make the world our headquarters and create a flexible work environment that attracts top talent from anywhere. For example, we are currently exploring the possibility of building new development teams in countries like Vietnam and the Philippines. We have no boundaries when it comes to looking for highly motivated individuals or teams that can be part of our mission.

Come join us!


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