ICON Foundation is pleased to announce a strategic investment in Bit2Me, a leading blockchain platform in Europe with a fast-growing consumer base across its suite of financial products and services.

Bit2Me was founded in 2014 by Andrei Manuel and Leif Ferreira, who before Bit2Me had already established themselves as leaders in the European crypto scene by introducing Bitcoin ATMs and building on-ramping services such as Bitphone. Andrei and Leif have since grown the Bit2Me platform from a brokerage and blockchain academy to one that now hosts over 20 different financial tools and services that increase crypto accessibility to European users.

Through the partnership, ICON Foundation looks forward to expanding its technology, users, and brand in Europe, which remains a relatively untapped market for ICON. “We are now ready to push ICON more aggressively in Europe. Bit2Me is uniquely positioned to help ICON reach more users in Europe, but also globally,” said Min Kim, ICON Foundation Council Member. In addition to the 200K+ wallet users, Bit2Me also boasts an alumni network of 1.7 million — half of whom are Latin American — through Bit2Me Academy, which offers industry-recognized blockchain certification programs.

Having successfully concluded the Bit2Me (B2M) token private sale raising 2.5 million euros, Bit2Me will make the B2M token available to the public through three rounds of public sales. “Over the years, the Bit2Me team has built a solid user base in Southern Europe for our crypto adoption tools by building out a wide range of easy-to-use crypto solutions. We are also very proud to have educated over a million alumni from Southern Europe and Latin America through original content and courses in our crypto Academy. The B2M token sale will help scale our operations further globally, allowing us to expand our services to users in the rest of the EU, Africa, and Latin America, and we are happy to have ICON be a part of this journey” said Leif Fereira, CEO of Bit2me.

The 1st public sale will take place from September 6th to September 13th, the 2nd from September 14th to September 21st, and finally the 3rd from September 22nd to September 30th. All citizens from countries that allow ICO participation are eligible.

About ICON Project

Founded in 2017 by the ICON Foundation, ICON is a next-generation blockchain protocol with smart contract functionality and interoperability. ICX is the native cryptocurrency of the ICON network. As an aggregator chain, ICON achieves interoperability — a web of interconnected networks aggregating all blockchain data into one layer. ICON’s “Blockchain Transmission Protocol” (BTP) is its novel interoperability solution, allowing all integrated blockchains to be interconnected to each other. Current BTP partners include BNB Smart Chain, Polkadot, NEAR Protocol, and Harmony. ICON also has a growing DeFi ecosystem that includes projects such as Balanced DAO, Omm Finance, Optimus Protocol, and Equality Exchange.

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About Bit2Me

Bit2Me is an industry-leading company in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain. Its suite of services includes more than 20 solutions to buy, sell and manage virtual currencies and euros from a single place, safely and easily. The company has private customers, professionals, and companies in more than 100 countries and has managed operations worth more than €1 billion since being founded in 2015. In January this year, FORBES magazine selected Bit2Me as one of the companies in Spain that will drive change in 2021. Since its creation in 2015, the company has received several awards in the financial sector such as ‘Winners of the World’, in the Visa-sponsored international competition; ‘Best Spanish Startup 2015’, by CaixaBank; or ‘Best Business Model’ awarded by Deloitte. In addition, the European Commission has invited Bit2Me on multiple occasions to present and discuss Blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

One of the first initiatives of the company after its birth was the creation of Bit2Me Academy, which trains more than 1.7 million students every year. Bit2Me Academy is currently the largest cryptocurrency training portal in Spanish, with more than 400 free articles, certified courses, and videos for those interested in learning about the birth, operation, and evolution of cryptocurrencies and the world of blockchain.

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