ICON 2.0 is finally here bringing new blockchain architecture specifically designed for DeFi applications and cross-chain interoperability. The ICON logo and website have been completely redesigned just in time for the greatly anticipated 2.0 upgrade.

ICON’s website now has a new futuristic design to represent the innovative technology that the ecosystem has brought and continues to bring to the crypto space. The website now features a section dedicated to news and social media activity so that users, developers, and investors can stay up to date on the latest announcements all in one place.

ICON’s new logo embodies the brand’s strong growth since its 2017 conception. With a new advanced network and a growing community, the brand has greatly matured and deserves a fresh new capitalized and hyper-fast italic look. ICON’s presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and its E-Newsletter has grown considerably over the past six months, expanding the network to hundreds of thousands of people across multiple social media platforms. Much of this growth is thanks to the ICON community who has relentlessly spread the word by sharing posts across their personal profiles. There have been some very exciting things to share since the launch of ICON 2.0 and we are grateful to have such fantastic community members leading the charge.

One of the most important changes ICON 2.0 has brought is an expansion of compatible programming languages. A new blockchain engine called Goloop will allow developers to build applications using the Golang programming language, which is faster and more scalable than Python. 
Python programming has been greatly improved and will still be available on ICON 2.0. The Java programming language will also now be available to developers building on ICON. Now ICON will be much easier for a wide range of developers to build on, and the infrastructure is much faster and more secure.

ICON will be fully interoperable with other high-profile blockchain networks thanks to ICON’s interoperability solution, BTP (Blockchain Transmission Protocol). BTP is a standard that allows different blockchains to easily communicate even if they use different consensus models or algorithms. ICON’s BTP solution will allow for cross-chain interoperability with other layer-one blockchains for a seamless user experience.

In addition to cross-chain interoperability, ICON is also launching an EVM-compatible side chain called ICE, which will enable developers to easily port over applications to the ICON ecosystem that currently only exist on Ethereum. These upgrades will lead to a new wave of developer activity on ICON and will bring new DeFi applications to the network. This will add to the already increasing number of DeFi projects on the ICON network, including Balanced and OMM, and the numerous NFT launches on Craft, such as the recent sellout collectible project, Gangsta Bet.

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