Introducing HX57, the first official bounty program to join the ICON Network! HX57 offers rewards to community members for producing high-quality content about ICON including articles, animated GIFs, memes, graphics, promo videos, explainers, tutorials, and more.

Bounties can be earned by submitting original, well-researched content to specific prompts, which will be posted and regularly updated on the HX57 website. If you’re already an ICON expert, get rewarded by sharing what you know. If you are a newcomer, here is the incentive to start learning more!

The ICON Network’s growth has greatly accelerated this year as the core ICON team, dedicated P-Reps, and many passionate ICONists have been very busy building amazing features like CPS, Balanced, Omm, Craft Network, and Project Nebula. With the launch of ICON 2.0 and BTP on the horizon, there has never been a better time to showcase these developments and to better get the word out about ICON.

The goal with HX57 is to creating a fun go-to platform to boost regular community engagement among existing ICONists, and to increase ICON education and awareness to attract new ICONists to the community.

How does the bounty program work?

New bounty prompts will be regularly added to the HX57 website. Each prompt will contain brief background information about the topic matter and a description of accompanying tasks. Bounty reward amounts for winners are listed along-side a deadline countdown timer. When users complete a task they can easily submit their content through the submit button located at the bottom of each prompt. New prompts and submissions will be shared through a partnership with Eye on ICON, and on HX57 social media accounts that are hosted by the ICON Pinas.

How will winners be selected?

Although exact selection criteria may vary for each prompt, in general, the winning content will be high-quality, creative, engaging, well-explained, and display thorough research on the topic at hand. The ICON Foundation will judge submissions and select winners.

Where can we learn more?

The HX57 project is ramping up to stay up to date on the latest happenings, follow the project on Twitter, join the Discord, visit the website, and subscribe to get new bounty alerts straight to your email.

Thank you for reading and we hope ICONists and future ICONists alike will be excited to join in on an upcoming HX57 event!

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