HAVAH, a collaboration between South Korea-based 2bytes and ICONLOOP, is an upcoming application chain focused on delivering cross-chain, consumer-centric NFT experiences powered by ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) and ICONLOOP’s blockchain framework “Parameta”.

At the core of HAVAH is an NFT aggregation feature that allows users to bridge over NFTs from third-party blockchains including ICON, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Klaytn, Solana and Polygon. Once NFTs have been bridged to HAVAH, they can be used as assets within games, traded on HAVAH’s NFT marketplace, collateralized on HAVAH’s NFT-based DeFi services, showcased on HAVAH’s “Interchain NFT Salon,” and more. To build out its application chain and bootstrap its NFT ecosystem, HAVAH is using Parameta SDK, an enterprise-ready blockchain development framework created by ICONLOOP.

Parameta provides customers with a suite of tools bundled with tailored consulting services to deploy custom blockchains. Parameta chains utilize a modified version of the Goloop – the core software that powers the ICON blockchain, and allows developers to customize a variety of blockchain properties including tokenomics, validator count, off-chain database storage, and much more. Parameta customers also receive support in business development, smart contract development, node operation, and more.

Parameta also comes with first-class support for ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol – ICON’s flagship interoperability solution that leverages on-chain light clients and decentralized relays to send and receive generic smart contract calls across blockchains in a fully trustless manner. With support for BTP, every Parameta chain will be able to communicate with a number of top-tier blockchains including Binance Smart Chain, NEAR Protocol, Polkadot, and Kusama right out of the box. With support for Java and Python, Parameta also offers a flexible environment for developing smart contracts.

Over the coming months, we will be working closely with ICONLOOP to package key technical components of Parameta into an open source blockchain development framework similar to Cosmos SDK/Tendermint and Substrate. With this framework, anyone will be able to leverage Goloop’s proven foundational technologies to deploy custom blockchains with native BTP interoperability.

We are excited to take this next step in driving adoption of ICON’s interoperability technologies with 2bytes and ICONLOOP. HAVAH is the first use case of Parameta and puts BTP front and center in one of the industry’s most ambitious cross-chain NFT ecosystems yet.


HAVAH is an interchain NFT entertainment platform created with the vision of NFT holders being able to utilize their NFTs beyond their current limitations. On HAVAH, users will be able to get more out of their NFTs without having to stay on a specific chain or project and experience their NFTs in a new world of games, social media, finances and more. The project aims to become the new multichain hub for NFT holders and a playground for the wider NFT community.