Around the first week of every month, the ICON Development Update is published with three main sections. These sections are the BTP Architecture updates, Interoperability Integrations and ICON 2.0 updates.

In this recurring ICON Integration Update, we zoom in a bit more on the Interoperability Integrations and summarise the highlights from progress reports that contributing teams have supplied to the ICON Bridge GitHub repository.

Summary of last month

  • SNOW chain was integrated to ICON Bridge and is now LIVE on mainnet
  • ICON Bridge (solidity contracts) audit findings and fixes have been completed and are ready for review
  • Ongoing code coverage work for all integrated chains
  • Teams worked on research estimation & planning for the xCall service for ICON and BSC for ICON Bridge
  • NEAR integrated to Nexus and deployed on Lisbon testnet
  • Ongoing code refactoring for the current NEAR implementation
  • Ongoing fixes to the NEAR integration highlighted here

Next month

  • Ongoing work to improve code coverage for the code base - all chains
  • Team has been actively researching best build and deployment processes across many chains and leading projects. Why? With the goal to deploy ICON Bridge contracts and repays to chains similar to BSC - think Eth, Polygon and any EVM chain that is similar to it.
  • With initial planning and estimation done for xCall service, we will be starting development on this feature - ICON to BSC
  • NEAR team is also looking at estimating the work required for xCall service NEAR to ICON
  • NEAR integration documentation update - to ensure other devs and teams can integrate functionality when deployed
  • Once final audit fixes have been reviewed, the audit report will be published.

Stay in the loop

If you would like to follow along daily with the team, a public roadmap is now available on Github.

If you would like to learn more about ICON’s development process, be sure to follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord!