Welcome to the Integration Update series. In September, the teams made progress on ICON Bridge integrations for Binance Smart Chain, NEAR and SNOW.

Follow along for an itemized update of the work that has been done.

Binance Smart Chain:

The ICON Bridge integration with Binance Smart Chain has gone smoothly and the team has continued to patch recommended fixes and increase code testing coverage to 80%. Progress continued on building a usable centralized bridge for the BTP Relay System that can deliver digital assets between multiple chains.

Last 30 Days:

NameDevelopment StateNotesSource / location
Script to add/remove solidity ownersReleasedScript to update SC ownershttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/395
Script to add/remove javascore ownersReleasedScript to update SC ownershttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/395
Script to change javascore deployerReleasedScript to update SC ownershttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/395
Local build script updateReleasedmissing dependencies need to be addedhttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/426
Upgrade(BTS SCORE)Released on Testnetupgrade script on bsc testnet for BTS Core. Investingating issue on Mainnet deploymenthttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/467
Automate configuration on e2eReleasedConfiguration APIs added for e2e tests to runhttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/415
Set truffle version in local build scriptReleasedSet truffle version to v5.5.5https://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/435
Alternative build process for local deploymentReleasedUpdate local deployment scriptshttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/463
Add bsc header and receipts verificationReleasedAdd block header and receipts verification logic to bsc verifierhttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/377
Add script to generate e2e config during deploymentReleasedUpdate script so necessary e2e config should be auto-generated by the deployment script itselfhttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/494
Notification pipelineReleasedList and update the most stable contract addresseshttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/37
BSC block verificationReleasedRelay to verify correctness of incoming messages the same way that the BMV doeshttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/35
Unit tests to bsc verifierReleasedAdd unit tests to bsc verifierhttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/499
Script to generate e2e config during deployment addedReleasedSimplify the process of running e2etests after a successful build processhttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/525
Setter getter tests for javascore BMC addedReleasedAdd unit test for all setter and getter methods in javascore BMChttps://github.com/icon-project/icon-bridge/issues/542
NEAR integration suppoortIn ProgressSupport NEAR integration team with integration and support-
Security AuditIn ProgressSupport Security Auditors-

Next 30 Days:

Next month the team will focus on auditing fixes, support activities, code testing coverage and general improvements to the codebase.

NameDevelopment StateNotes
Continue Improvement of code coverage for the code baseIn ProgressThe codecoverage of the repo is low. Work towards achieving the target of 80% coverage to improve the health of the overall codebase.
Assist with Security AuditIn ProgressThe Security Audit has started. Any information needed to be provided or fixes needed based on security audit review will be provided adhoc.
Assist with Near release and integrationIn ProgressNear is currently in Testnet. Mainnet deployment and Nexus integration is being planned September Release. Team to assist.
Strategize Xcall service for ICON<>BSC integrationNot Started

NEAR Protocol:

In September, the team improved BMR Performance significantly, with up to 50x improvement in Block Monitoring. They also added Blacklisting and Transfer Restriction in BTS Contracts and began integration with Nexus.

Last 30 Days:

ModuleNameDevelopment StateNotesSource / location
E2E Testing Framework releasedE2E Test frameworkAlpha ReleasedNeed to add test scriptsGithub repo
BMR - Block Monitoring releasedImprovement in Block MonitoringReleasedPull Request
BTS - Transfer Restriction implementedImplement Transfer RestrictionReleasedPull Request
Blacklist implementedImplement BlacklistReleasedPull Request

Next 30 Days:

NEAR is currently on testnet with ongoing testing and improvements planned for the month of October. The team is also developing a deployment plan for mainnet (more details to follow).

NameDevelopment StateNotes
Plan Mainnet DeploymentIn Progress
Complete Integration with Nexus PortalIn Progress
Fix Reconnection Issue for BMRNot Started
Add Documentation for API Reference, Build, Deployment, TestsIn Progress
Update NEAR SDKNot Started
Optimize smart contract storageNot Started
Add Code coverageAlpha
Add verifier for NEAR BMRNot Started
Fix Identified u128 serialization errorNot Started

SNOW Network:

SNOW’s integration is in full flight with the goal of shipping to mainnet by the end of the month. Please note the current deployment will not include integration to Nexus. When live on mainnet, dapps will be abe to integrate what functions they want to use via their dapp itself.

Last 30 Days:

NameDevelopment StateNotes
Fix transaction fee calculation for SNOW chainReleased
Create BMR unit testIn Progress
Binance Smart Chain integration supportIn Progress
Refactored ICON relay receiver for readabilityComplete
Add Code coverageAlpha
Add verifier for NEAR BMRNot Started
Fix Identified u128 serialization errorNot Started
Improve BMR code unit tests coverageIn Progress
Create BMR unit test for receiver functionalityReleased
Refactor the icon relay receiver to make it testableReleased
Integrate ICE/SNOW to the BTPIn Progress

Next 30 Days:

NameDevelopment StateNotes
Update NEAR SDKNot Started
Binance Smart Chain integrationNot Started
Prepare SNOW Testnet DeploymentNot Started
Extend deployment script functionalityNot Started
Update SNOW configuration parametersNot Started

Stay in the loop

If you would like to follow along daily with the team, a public roadmap is now available on Github.

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