To support the growing technical community on ICON, we will start publishing “ICON Technical Community Reports” on a quarterly basis. These reports are designed to inform ICON’s technical community about the ideological focus, milestones, specific goals, and planned timelines for a given time period. In this first update, we will discuss milestones and goals for August 1 to September 30. Let’s dive in!


During this time period, our main focus will be on improving communication between the ICON Foundation and the community on various topics including open-source development, grant and funding sources, and community participation strategies and opportunities.

Prior Milestones

Goals (Aug 1 to Sept 31)

Establish “ICON Builder Program”

We are working on establishing an ICON Builder Program that targets the following areas:

  • Facilitating better connections and collaboration between businesses, developers, builders, and users in the ICON ecosystem.
  • Facilitating funding for projects via the CPS, ICON Foundation grants, and ICE Developer grants.
  • Raising awareness for key target contributions via Request for Proposals and Bug Bounty Programs.

Create “Technical Tutorials” Section on

We are working on adding a technical tutorials section to the website. This section will feature tutorials on technical topics including dApp development, using the ICON SDKs, and infrastructure setup.

We will be accepting community submissions for this section, and our goal is to create an archive of technical guides similar to Ethereum’s collection of developer-oriented material.

Reorganize Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) Specification

We are working on creating more well-defined, comprehensive specifications for BTP components with the goal of making BTP more useful for developers, content creators, and users.

Increase Community Contribution

As an open source project, ICON benefits greatly from regular contributors. We are working on strategies to increase the amount of community developers, content creators, and builders of all kinds.

At this time, we are also looking for a contributor to create a CPS proposal for a website similar to Cardano’s Development Update Tracker.

Organize State of Contributions to ICON

We recently launched a new repository on GitHub for tracking the state of the ICON project. Over the coming weeks, we intend to fill this repository with information about collaboration structure and guidelines, including code conformance standards and potentially working group structures as well.

Organize Public Resources for ICON Grant Programs

We recently launched a new repository on GitHub for tracking resources related to ICON’s various grant programs. We intend to fill this repository with information about grant program processes, including proposal templates and guidelines on how the grant system functions from start to finish.


We are looking forward to the positive impact and increased transparency of the Technical Community Updates. To kick things off, Eric Solomon (Technical Lead at ICON Foundation) will be hosting an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on August 11 in the ICON Discord to discuss the future of community contribution on ICON. We are working on finalizing the timeslot for the AMA so stay tuned for more details soon!