The ICON Tracker will be redirected from to on December 5th 8:00 PM ET and the will be completely shut down by January 5th 10:00 AM ET.

Please make appropriate adjustments so that you are not affected by the redirect and shutdown of the old tracker.

Tracker Improvements

The new tracker is being built by sudoblock (previously known as Geometry Labs) and has thus far been funded through a mixture of foundation grants and CPS.

It has improved on the old tracker in the following ways to better support cross chain user experience on ICON:

These improvements have already encouraged other projects in the ICON ecosystem to build on the APIs, resulting in several collaborations across the community.

Moving Forward

The ICON Tracker is an example of a product for which community members are the key stakeholders. It was built for the community, by the community.

Once the tracker is considered feature-complete, it will move into a maintenance phase. This means that the code base will not be expanded upon, except for minor changes or bug fixes. From here on out, maintenance fees or further development (including items marked in this roadmap) will be funded via CPS.

For any troubleshooting support, please join the #dev_support channel on ICON Discord. To report bugs or to make product related suggestions, you can submit a request directly through the Tracker GitHub.