ICON's Got Talent Winners


We aim to utilize blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform that will transform last-mile logistics. We envision that the trustless nature of our platform will provide the foundation for a harmonized ecosystem, between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process such as the third party logistics companies, e-commerce retailers, logistics couriers and end recipients.


Decentralized exchange on ICON Network that allows users to buy and sell tokens without third-party. The main characteristic of ICON-DELTA is that you can exchange assets existing on the ICON Network safely without any additional fee. Every trade is processed on blockchain which keeps an asset more safe and transparent.


Users can check-in at locations around the world and own their own data! All of the user data is stored locally on their phone, only leaving to securely upload it to the ICON Blockchain, using the user’s own password protected keys generated securely using Official ICON SDKs. Thus, users own their data, no one else. We envision an environment in which users could actually sell their data to advertisers in the future, should they wish to do so. Breadcrmb the first DApp to integrate ICON’s new Fee 2.0


ICONbet is the first DAO on ICON. TAP tokens will provide access to ICX earnings and voting rights of the DAO. The House starts with 250,000 ICX. Anything House makes above its 250K ICX treasury balance will be distributed to TAP token holders. TAP Token holders will also have an equal share of house treasury (~250,000 ICX to start) if TAP token holders vote to kill the game. Killing the game is the first DAO voting feature we incorporated. The first game is DAOlette, a Roulette style game.


Certiv is an EduTech web application which will allow higher education institutions to certify the profile of their students (experiences, skills, projects, etc…) through the ICON Blockchain in order to promote them to recruiters


Social Media
STAYGE.net is a fan community based on blockchain technology. Fans can create fan communities of what they love. Fans can make their own community of the favorite artist, influencers, games and more. STAYGE rewards fans for their activities such as comment, post share, new member invite in the fan communities with ACT token.

Official DApp Partners


Creating the Tools for the Earn Economy AC3 built the world’s first platform for users to earn products directly from companies. The AC3 token powers the GrowYourBase viral marketing platform. The platform is live and continues to grow exponentially with daily active users and companies.


Trusted Digital Asset Financial Service VELIC is a blockchain-based financial services platform that provides a variety of services related to blockchain-based assets. Utilizing institutional-grade security infrastructure, VELIC enables safe storage, exchange, lending, and investment of crypto assets to create a new financial ecosystem.


Make world sympathize with your song! [social online karaoke platform] SOMESING utilizes blockchain technology to allow people to earn rewards for contributing karaoke content to the ecosystem.


Social Media
Blockchain protocol for Artist-Fan ecosystem based on incentivized communities. STAYGE rewards fans’ contribution with cryptocurrency (tokens) based on the incentivized fan community platform.


A decentralised network with the vision of connecting global logistics stakeholders into a multiparty trustless network LogisticsX offers traceable and verifiable last-mile logistics between multiple Third-Party Logistics players, and incorporates the use of a flexible workforce to complete the final delivery steps.

Discover X

Decentralized online travel agency platform Discover X is the new blockchain-powered travel ecosystem to revolutionize existing OTA(Online Travel Agency) process and to enable a fair compensation mechanism for high-quality travel community.


Worldwide sporting event online betting marketplace ZenSports is creating the world’s largest peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace, where anyone can create and accept bets for live sporting events with anyone else in the world.


Data Exchange
Decentralized data exchange platform Airbloc seeks to solve problems faced by three different stakeholders - ①Users ②Apps ③Data Consumers - in today’s personal data market by using Airbloc's SDK and DAuth.


Beauty Ecosystem
Connecting customers and companies through a mutually beneficial beauty ecosystem Cosmochain Team aims to solve the unmet needs of both companies and customers by solving the problem of ①the absence of reliable consumer data and ②centralized benefits for power influencers in beauty ecosystem.


Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol WeBloc aims to shift the center of the advertising ecosystem from advertisers to users by solving the problem of both 'advertiser- centered ecosystem' and 'cost of middle-men'.

BlueWhale Foundation

Gig Economy
The decentralized ecosystem for the self employed Blue Whale will empower the world’s freelance community by creating the largest worker-centric decentralized ecosystem where independent workers can pursue their passions and get the value their deserve from the gig economy.

Discover More DApps

Block Insight

Insight protocol creates an ecosystem in which users can share their app revenues and be rewarded for information consumption. Blockinsight, the first DApp of Insight Protocol, is a blockchain specialized news & information app. Blockinsight supports both Android and iPhone. It is an app that helps both users and the project by putting blockchain news, offline events(Meetup, Conference) and airdrops on the app.Recently, It has been updated to allow receive WOK (weBloc token). User can mine WOK as well as INX in Blockinsight app. It is not just an information-delivery app, but it is growing as a representative app for the icon network.

Tokenize Your Future

Token Economy
Tokenize your future profit! Get investment with your future value! Invest other people’s future! Make profit and support them at the same time! ​ Tokenize your company’s future profit! Get investment at the very beginning! Recruit and reward employees with company’s token immediately! Motivate employees to work harder with inevitable reward evidence! ​ Make your own contract and register in blockchain, then we will generate your own token and send to you. Using our service, people can generate and manage their token easier than ever! ​ Connecting with ICONex, DPASS and broof to use more efficiently!


JUBJUB is a fun app like the Pokemon Go - you can find and visit cafes in JEJU Island where you can JUBJUB weBloc tokens (WOK) by checking in the cafes. JUBJUB is a Korean expression meaning "pick-up" - weBloc wants you to pick-up WOK tokens by visiting cafes while you are having a fun trip in JEJU Island and take a break. At the moment, JUBJUB has only two functions - users can either JUBJUB or Throw WOK tokens - so that both users can get and use WOK tokens. When cafes are satisfying, users can Throw WOK tokens in the air - as a form of airdrop - for other users to come and get extra WOK tokens.

First Stamp

If you go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee, you can get a stamp. When you collect the stamp, you can drink a cup of coffee for free. ​ This simple system is very common in cafes in Korea. However, most of them use paper coupons for stamp. And customers must keep paper coupons stamped. First Stamp app can solve the disadvantage. Customers do not have to manage paper coupons or lose paper coupons!! Customers can easily check the contents of stamping. (SMS or mobile-web)

ICON Wish Board

ICON Wish Board provides posting feature for Iconists to permanently record their wishes on blockchain and to get reward. Of course, you can record any funny things or any things you want to say to icon community. The board is so simple to use. Just press [New] button to write a wish and selecting a position to register. Then the wish you wrote is shared to others immediately. In addition, you can give a thumb up to other user’s wishes.


PAY WOK is our first step toward a decentralized advertising ecosystem designed by our vision for the advertising market such as "Participation", "Reward", and "Expansion". PAY WOK is very similar to other rewards apps except that it gives out cryptocurrency as a reward instead of fiat money and it records every user's action such as user's advertising participation and rewards on the ICON Tracker.


You roll for items and upgrade them to get the best possible item set that keeps you on the throne. If the current king gets toppled and somebody achieves a higher item level than him then the timer resets. If the timer runs out, the successful king can have his earnings paid out at the top left corner menu the same way as players pay out their normal dividends. The king pot is fed by item purchases and item upgrades.

ICX Games

Global Online Arcade for ICON Blockchain (Jackpot , Dice , etc). We released token named IGA (Icon Game Alliance) on ICON. We give IGA token to people who joined in ICXGames.

Battle Bomb Royale

Battle Bomb Royale is a multiplayer game playable in real time based on the ICON blockchain. You need to be the last man standing amongst a group of people in the same game room for winning. A game room can be joined by with a game ticket payable in ICX. Once the game started, a bomb appears in a random player's hands. He needs to send it back to someone else, otherwise it will explodes. However, there's an increasing chance of the bomb explording everytime you send it back. You can use a shield in order to protect you from the explosion, but it will break and won't be usable anymore during the game. Once a player is dead, you can loot him for a small reward in ICX. The last man standing earns the prize. Good luck!