100 Public Representatives
Of the ICON Network

100 Public Representatives (P-Reps) are elected for the ICON Network by delegation of ICONists. Top ranked 22 main P-Reps will participate in block production, verification and making governance decisions. 200,000 ICONists are waiting to vote for eligible P-Rep candidates to boost the ICON ecosystem.

Block Production and Verification

Governance and monetary policy decision making

On-chain, Off-chain contributions

Network Security

Earn Representative

P-Reps will receive rewards for block production and verification, as well as receiving Representative Reward being ranked in the top 100. More contribution, higher the rewards for the P-Reps.

Shape the Governance of ICON Network

ICON Network is a platform with high potential values with built-in on-chain systems such as Ecosystem Expansion Project (EEP), DApp Booster Program (DBP) and Interchain Technology to connect heterogeneous blockchains. P-Reps will provide these features and lead the initial network growth while deciding governance of each fundamental components of the ICON Network.

Global Audience Through ICON Community

ICON Community is a world-wide spread community that boasts nearly 200K active members. Register as a P-Rep candidate, promote your profile to the community, and accomplish your ambitions in the blockchain space.

Achieve Your Vision Through ICONgress

ICONgress is an off-chain governance body of the ICON Network. Key roles from various ICON sectors will discuss about long-term strategy and governance of the ICON Network. Become a prestigious member of ICONgress and drive ICON growth initiatives!

Frequently Asked Questions

“ICONSENSUS, the Journey
Toward Mass Adoption”

The ICON Network is now standing at a pivotal moment to evolve to a truly decentralized network and realizing mass adoption. This begins with ICONSENSUS, a journey consisted of a series of election milestones of P-Rep, C-Rep, DBP, and EEP.

Become a genesis Public Representative, and make a new history with us.