The Journey towards Mass Adoption

ICONSENSUS is a journey toward mass adoption of blockchain. The election of P-Reps is the first milestone of ICONSENSUS and is a pivotal moment for the ICON Network as it is not only the initial step to realize the decentralization of the ICON Network, but also the beginning of a journey toward mass adoption.

The Journey of ICONSENSUS

As a member of the ICON community, I am excited about the election. It’s a moment where every ICONist can contribute. Thank you for your support since the beginning of this journey, let’s shape our future with ICONSENSUS.

Vote. Spread. Disrupt.

ICONSENSUS begins with the P-Rep election and will lead to disruptive innovation through organic ecosystem expansion driven by EEPs, diversified DApp business models driven by DBPs and the connection of different blockchain platforms through C-Reps.

Vote, Spread, and Disrupt.

This is how the ICON Network will hyperconnect the world.

P-Rep Campaign Process

  • 1st Announcement

    A brief introduction about the campaign was announced.

  • 2nd Announcement

    The commencement of the P-Rep Pre-registration has been officially announced.

    P-Rep Pre-registration

    Pre-registration of P-Rep candidates starts in off-chain environment. Candidates must submit team introduction and delegate proposal to be registered. Candidates who participate in P-Rep Pre-registration will benefit from the communities in a variety of ways.

  • P-Rep On-Chain Registration & Election

    A blockchain election, a cornerstone of decentralization, begins. ICONists can vote for the candidates by delegating their stake. Once certain circumstances are reached, the ICON Network will be fully operated by the P-Reps.

  • The Genesis P-Rep Summit

    During the genesis P-Rep Summit, the birth of Genesis P-Reps as well as commencement of the decentralized ICON Network will be declared.

Vote. Spread. Disrupt.