Team Information

ICX_Station HQ: San Francisco

ICX Station is dedicated to growing the ICON Ecosystem. Previously, ICX Station has focused solely on Acceleration, but we recently announced our broadened scope to 4 key pillars: Acceleration, Incubation, Education, and Thought Leadership & Research. We believe that DAOs are a killer use case of blockchain technology and through the aforementioned 4 pillars we will ensure that ICON becomes the “Home of the DAO.” The combined experience of our team includes investment banking, venture capital, a deep understanding of both blockchain technology in general and ICON specifically, a vast network of investors and blockchain industry experts in South Korea, San Francisco/Bay Area, Tokyo, and Singapore, and years of development experience. Most importantly, this is a dream team of ICON experts. Justin Hsiao (2infiniti) has pioneered the ICON developer community with his in-depth knowledge of building DApps and running nodes on ICON, Scott Smiley (Benny Options) has been an integral part of both designing the token economics and governance mechanisms (IISS) of ICON and launching ICX Station, Daeki Lee has been leading the efforts in accelerating projects to build more use cases on ICON while also spear-heading developer community growth through partnerships, and Ricky Dodds focuses on improving institutional access to icx globally, working with exchanges, market makers, fund managers, OTC desks, and institutional investors.


1. Proposal

ICX Station is striving to become entirely self-sufficient, no longer relying on support from the ICON Foundation. Being elected as a P-Rep will help us further that goal and continue our mission to grow the ICON Ecosystem through thoughtful reinvestment of block rewards into the 4 pillars outlined below:

The Four Pillars

  • Acceleration: Provide necessary support and guidance to external blockchain projects that are interested in building compelling utility for the ICON blockchain

  • Incubation: Pursue internal ideas that align with our goal of achieving the future of Digital Nations and DAOs

  • Education: Expand the developer community through partnerships and meetups, while educating them on the benefits of DAOs

  • Thought Leadership & Research: Publish thought provoking content and share it with the community


2. Motivation of the proposal

Our motivation to become a P-Rep is in the spirit of decentralization. Becoming a P-Rep would allow us to invest our block rewards directly into building out the ICON ecosystem without support from the ICON Foundation. Our vision is to allow ICX Station to be a stand-alone entity, and this is only possible through the support of the ICON Community.

3. Execution plan of the proposal


Acceleration entails dedicating time and internal resources towards supporting external projects admitted into our accelerator program. We provide support and guidance in the following areas to our portfolio companies: token economics, business model, go to market strategy, fundraising support (with potential for investment from ICX Station), development support, white paper review, pitch deck preparation & review, and introductions to strategic partners, advisors and service providers.



Incubation entails pursuing internal ideas such as DAO, programmable money, NFT, micropayments, etc. that align with our goal of achieving the future of Digital Nations. We have much more control over the direction of these projects, almost taking the role of project managers, compared to the projects in the Accelerator program.



Our educational initiatives are specifically targeted at growing the developer community and pushing the adoption of DAOs. We will pursue opportunities through 3rd party vendors (i.e. Major League Hacking) and host our own educational meetups.


Thought Leadership & Research

Thought Leadership & Research will be led by Ricky Dodds, who has years of experience working in Equity Research. We will be putting out bi-weekly short research pieces, quarterly macro-market analysis reports, and quarterly thematic pieces on the direction of the industry.


4. Expected timeline of the proposal

We are focused on fueling the growth of the ICON Republic, and our short term goals out of our 4 key pillars would drive results for the following metrics: # of DAO tools, # of smart contracts with over 1,000 transactions, # of active wallets, # of subscribers to our newsletter, and # of devs in the developer telegram/Slack channel.

Expected Network Information

Cleveland, OH, United States Amazon Web Services Cloud

Recommended SpecificationInstance type: C5.9xlargeCPU model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00 GHzvCPU(core): 36RAM: 72GDisk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps)Network: 10 Gbps

Team Members

Scott Smiley (Benny Options) Team Member

Scott earned his Master of Science in Finance (MSF) from Vanderbilt University in 2016, followed by two years of Investment Banking experience at Deutsche Bank with a focus on Asset Backed Securities. During his time at Deutsche Bank he dedicated his nights and weekends to self-education on the nascent blockchain and cryptocurrency space, eventually leading to his current role leading ICX Station initiatives with Daeki Lee.

Daeki Lee Team Member

Daeki earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and started his career as a venture capitalist at TransLink Capital, in which he led multiple early stage investments. He realized blockchain is more than simply a technology innovation, at which point he decided to co-build ICX Station to support entrepreneurs who are building next generation blockchain-based businesses.

Ricky Dodds Team Member

Ricky brings more than 7 years of experience as an investment banker and equity research analyst at Deutsche Bank covering financial institutions. At Deutsche Bank, Ricky co-authored one of the first institutional research reports on cryptocurrencies (Cutting through the noise of cryptocurrencies) for corporate clients. Prior to that, Ricky worked in corporate development at a de-novo bank that later IPO'd and as an analyst at a later stage growth equity venture capital firm.

Justin Hsiao (2infiniti) Team Member

Justin is a serial entrepreneur who started cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology research from 2017. He started out as a member of the ICON community, with his constant contributions and technical competence, ICON foundation recruited him to work in an official capacity. Justin will be joining the ICX Station SF team and continue to explore all areas where he can be of assistance to the ICON organization.