Team Information


Digital Finance Group founded in 2015, Digital Finance Group is a comprehensive group company with investment, M&A, and incubation as its main business. DFG now has nearly 300 employees around the globe, with offices in Shanghai, San Francisco, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Seoul. DFG oversee about $600M AUM to date. Our hedge fund with U.S. license has earned more than 20 times the return. As equity investors, DFG holds a portfolio of more than $80 million, including Brave, Ledger X, Circle and other internationally renowned blockchain companies. Besides, we acquired and incubated several blockchain projects, including Matrix, a regulated spot exchange holding IPA license issued by Abu Dhabi (ADGM); AToken, a decentralized wallet with 1 million users and ~50,000 DAU; and BIKA, a professional market information product that provides investors with one-stop digital asset information services. We acquired the former Mytoken team to dedicate to it. And the Exchange Union project operated in Europe. Furthermore, our team are also working on Layer 1 technology of ETC. We contribute a lot to ETC technology development and community building via investment, donation and technical support.


1. Proposal introduction (What)

DFG's AToken and BIKA projects have more than 1.5 million users worldwide. DFG can help ICON expand Chinese community and reach strong community consensus by listing ICX on AToken and BIKA and recommending it to our users.

With DFG's global resources integration, DFG will help ICON build global branding by docking with mainstream international institutions, including our portfolio, developer community, etc.

DFG's spot exchange Matrix has received In-Principle Approval from Abu Dhabi Global Market. DFG can help ICON achieve compliance and listing on the mainstream global compliance exchanges.

DFG are also working on basic layer technology of ETC. ETC Labs has many industry partners in the United States and even around the world. DFG will help ICON establish connections with ETC Labs, ETC community, and cooperation resources.

2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)

We hope to become an ecological partner of ICON and build a global blockchain ecosystem with ICON. Meanwhile, the cooperation with ICON will be beneficial to the development direction of AToken and BIKA and help DFG & ICON achieve common growth.

3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)

After the application is approved, DFG will start to build a P-Rep node on ICON that meets the official technical requirements perfectly.

We will list ICX on AToken wallet so that users can deposit and withdraw ICX, and support ICON Dapp in the integrated Dapp store.

We will list ICX market information on BIKA to help users learn about ICX and establish ICX community.

Furthermore, DFG will provide more community construction support and resource cooperation support.

4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)

2019.7 – Joint PR with ICON

2019.8 - Start to list ICX on AToken and BIKA

2019.9 - Develop ICX staking product

2019.10 - ICX global community prosperity

2019.11 – Integrate ecosystem application

Expected Network Information

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Team Members

James Wo – Founder, DFG Team Member

• Experienced digital asset / blockchain investor and entrepreneur • Chairman, Ethereum Classic Labs • Board Member, Ethereum Classic Foundation • M.S. Statistics, Columbia University • B.A. Mathematical Sciences, Economics, Fudan University

Terry Culver – CEO, DFG US Team Member

• 20+ years in business development and policy issues, with a focus on emerging markets • Senior Advisor, Columbia University • SIPA Associate Dean, Columbia University • United Nations Policy Advisor: Africa, Asia & LATAM • MBA, Columbia University • Executive Management, Stanford & MIT • B.A. & M.A., NYU

Andrew Ni – Partner, DFG Crypto Team Member

• Master of Economics, Boston University • Senior investor of blockchain, former investment director of 8bit Timestamp Capital & Bytom, participated in Lambda, Fcoin, Polkadot, Bytom, Magic Cube and other well-known projects • Propose new theories like the method for cryptocurrency valuation by using Metcalfe's law and monetary inflation rate, USDT spread arbitrage theory, etc.